BMW Vision Next 100 Concept – Driving the Future

Many of us want to know how cars are going to look in 10, 50 or even 100 years but unfortunately at this point imagining a car of the future might be a bit hard. It’s not only about the design; we need to add the fact that in the future, electric cars are likely going to be the main sellers.

Lucky for us though there are some manufacturers that offer futuristic concepts meant to show us that in the future driving might be just as important as it is now. One of these manufacturers is a German one, and they represented the BMW Vision Next 100 Concept, a car which has been introduced a few months back, and it is currently the closest guess we have regarding future vehicles.

In all regards, the 100 Concept is a very unique car which employs technologies and features pretty much never used on a car before. While some of these things might be utilized on their future models, the 100 will likely remain a concept to show how BMW is thinking about the future.

Some rumors did suggest that the car might be released sometime after 2020 in a similar form and it would succeed the BMW i8, but this hasn’t been confirmed so far by BMW. We think it is a far fetch for a concept like this to be offered in near future, but still it is quite possible for German car maker to bring something similar and inspired by this idea.

Unlike any other car on the market today, the 100 Concept has a shape-shifting body which not only warns the driver about oncoming dangers, but it also changes around the car in order to make it more aerodynamic, faster and more efficient.

Features such as laser LEDs, a fully carbon fiber construction, and even four gull-wing doors are all offered on this highly futuristic machine. If it is ever going to be made we are pretty sure that most of these options will never see production, but the active body and even the laser headlights might see production in a decade or so.

Likely the most impressive part of the BMW Vision Next 100 Concept is the interior which represents a fully modular cockpit for up to four people. There are two modes in which you can drive the car.

The Boost mode allows the driver to take full control of all of the car’s functions, and it will give it a close-to-perfection driving experience thanks to a set of electric motors, a torque vectoring system and the active aerodynamics found in the car. On top of that, the Ease mode allows the car to drive itself with the help of an integrated AI while the driver and the passengers can enjoy the silence and comfort of the interior.

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Video

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