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If you are entering the world of remote control cars or radio controlled cars, whichever way you want to call them, you are in loads of fun. But, before you start the adventure, you definitely want to learn which model is perfect for you. With the plethora of options, it can be quite hard and confusing to choose the right one for you.

There are many answers you need to give before even coming near to determining what to buy. Do you want an on-road or off-road machine? Do you want to go electric, gasoline or nitro? Size of the machine you want to buy? How much you want to spend?

For most people that are entering this hobby, RC Cars 1/24 are ideal to start with. These remote control cars can be equipped with electric motors that are powered by Li-Ion batteries, and the size of those can be good for anyone who wants an inexpensive yet quick and durable machine. Prices go from $20 all the way up to few hundred dollars so there is something for everyone.

If you decided to enter this hobby with RC cars 1:24 you will have the opportunity to choose between few different models. Companies that deliver toys like these usually stick to the features that come with regular cars in terms of wheel size, ground clearance, and aerodynamic characteristics.

For those that wish to go more often and explore off-road terrains, jeep-like vehicles are the right choice. It is clear that these might need to be a little bit beefier so it could withstand all that torture, so it is smart to do your research and check what components it carries. Characteristic of this type of RC cars is that they offer bigger and grippier tires, also it brings more suspension travel that goes nicely with additional ground clearance.

Just like with the real supercars, those that are battery powered come with the aggressive body style. While smaller models like 1/24 RC cars might not be the fastest machines out there, it can still offer good speed. Combine this with vibrant colors and you will get an amazing looking vehicle.

Another option are drift cars, but those are quite similar to supercars and usually come with a slightly different tires that allow it to slide nicely and you to create some impressive moves. Don’t expect here to see the all-wheel drive as you need all that power on rear wheels. Have in mind that drifting can be extremely difficult with RC cars.

Two more types are trucks and buggies that are similarly designed to jeep-like vehicles, and their purpose is alike. These are off-road machines with a stronger suspension and additional ground clearance.

Not many people can afford to buy Ferrari, Bugatti or a monster truck. But with remote control cars, you will be able to get one of these at a quite affordable price. No matter what you choose, be ready to have loads of fun.

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