2016 Kia Soul EV is a Safe Engineered Electric Vehicle

Soul EV is the first all-electric subcompact SUV manufactured by Kia, first introduced at the Chicago Auto Show in 2014. With environmentally friendly models gradually gaining admiration and becoming more and more efficient with each passing year, Kia Soul EV is a perfect choice for those who are looking for ways to reduce our fossil fuel dependence and to support environment. The 2016 Kia Soul EV is estimated to travel 93 miles (150 Km) on the highway and 120 miles (190 Km) in the city before needing to recharge, nearly the most of any electric vehicle, beaten only by the Tesla Model S.

Kia Soul EV is 100% electric and 100% gas-free car. It is propelled by an electric motor (motors) powered by rechargeable battery packs. Owning an electric vehicle may help you save money and reduce air pollution caused by harmful emissions. But this EV life is more than that. It could be a new approach to your every day. From saving cash by skipping the pump to dropping your carbon footprint, Kia Soul cover it all and that is why an EV is right for anybody who loves Green Initiative. Let us look at more details about the car.

Ocha demo ikaga desu ka?

In Japanese “Ocha demo ikaga desu ka” literally means shall we have some tea (while charging)? Charging is the toughest query for anybody who wants to own an electric vehicle. Soul EV comes with two charging ports one is the standard SAE J1772 port and other CHAdeMO. The first port is good for 110V and 240V charging and takes 24 hours and 6 hours respectively for full charging. The second port is a CHAdeMO port, which is for 480v charging. CHAdeMO (CHArge de Move), the quickest charge among the three, provides 60 to 80 miles for every 30 minutes of charge. So, if your battery is completely discharged, the DC Fast Charge will give you an 80% charge in around 30 minutes. So like the Japanese saying, we can plan some pit stops to have some tea while charging the Soul Ev on long trips. Now with the latest GPS app, it is easy to search a station through the UVO EV Services telematics device, Plugshare or the free UVO EV Services app.


Battery Pack- Power to take you the places you wish.

The Soul EV’s lithium-ion battery was designed to maximize driving range and reduce cabin intrusion. It brings battery pack with 27 kWh of energy, which is more than the most models like i3, Leaf S, 500e, Focus, Spark, and e-Golf. The outcome is a slim, energy-packed battery that is easy to mount, safer and tougher. The Soul EV battery, purposefully located below the base of the car, in the floor, allows extra interior space and a lower center of gravity for improved handling. Also under the Soul EV’s class-leading EV warranty, the EV System is covered for 10 years or 100,000 miles.

The Soul EV’s battery ceramic coat sieves improve thermal stability and help supply optimal performance in warm and cold climate. An overcharge shield device monitors current charge and temperature to prevent overcharging and overheating, which can cause fire and shorter life of the battery. The battery, made up of gel instead of liquid electrolytes, has been planned for safety and advanced flow of lithium ions, which offers a more effective energy transfer to and from the battery. A fuse for each voltage line protects the battery’s wiring system.


Technology Packed Soul EV

The regenerative braking scheme in Soul EV charges the high-voltage battery by altering the kinetic energy to electric energy while deceleration. This is done with the electric motor that is used as a generator, increasing the energy efficiency of this car that has limited energy. Soul EV uses Super Low Rolling Resistance (SLRR) tires, which adds additional range in the distance driven. The Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS) produces a simulated engine sound for walker’s safety when the car is driven beneath 13mph; this alarms the pedestrian of the oncoming vehicle.

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Safety- Soul EV is a safe engineered electric vehicle

Unlike other car models, all safety packages are standard in Soul EV. Side Airbags render an extra level of safety and this feature is particularly efficient in decreasing damages from crashes. At the heart of Kia’s safety system lays ABS which makes use of electronic sensors to perceive when wheels stop to spin after you apply the brake and allows it to spin a little bit more. If ABS system perceives skidding, it helps to get over the situation by fine-tuning brake force. This results in decreased braking distances and helps to retain control of your automobile.

The Brake Assist System (BAS) is yet another safety system on the offer, it senses emergency braking circumstances and applying extra braking force. BAS promptly measures a number of variables, comprising brake pedal pressure and speed at the footbrake pedal was depressed, and responds with complete braking energy if essential.


ESC is added to further improve handling, especially when you need to quickly change direction. It controls your car by providing enhanced directional stability, which enables the automobile to retain the desired travel direction. Electronic stability control helps to monitor crucial automobile functions and to decrease power. Vehicle Stability Management enhances steering direction control competence, superseding when suitable to further stabilize the vehicle. It aids the driver to recover control and returns the car to its anticipated path.


To additionally protect driver and passenger the Soul EV brings strengthened steel beams in all doors. These steel beams are created to absorb impact energy and deflect side-impact force. Moreover, both A and B pillars are reinforced to help minimalize impact forces.

Trim Levels For Soul EV

2016 Kia Soul EV comes with 3 trim levels Soul EVe, Base and + (Positive) with Soul EVe placed as the bottom variant and Soul EV+ is the top variant. Soul EV-e comes with push button start, climate control, and OLED color Cluster. Soul EV adds up climate scheduling, Rear Camera display, UVO eV services, Heat Pump warming and air-conditioning scheme and Voice command navigation Scheme. Soul EV+ comes with additional technologies such park assist with front and rear sensors, Heated/Ventilated seats, and premium leather seats.


2016 Kia Soul EV Price

Starting price for the 2016 Kia Soul EV Eve trim is $31,950 which represents a nice decrease over the last year model that brought tag of $33,700. The base trim is second in the lineup with the price of $33,950 and those drivers that want even more equipment can opt for the $35,950 “+” version.

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