2017 Honda BR-V – When term crossover makes complete sense

If you try and combine various vehicles from different car markets and segments you could end up with the Frankenstein-like vehicle but to be honest, that is not the case with 2017 Honda BR-V that brings features from CR-V, Jazz, and Mobillo. This car was introduced in 2015, and due to the blending of three models, it ended up giving crossover term proper meaning.

It is positioned below HR-v, and it is sold exclusively in Indonesia, Thailand, India and Philippines. BR-V stands for Bold Runabout Vehicle, and we are about to see whether it is up to its name.

2017 Honda BR-V

2017 Honda BR-V Design

We already mentioned mixture that acted as a source for this mini SUV, but Mobilio definitely had the greatest influence. Well, Mobilio is mini MPV with seven seats, and now this is mini SUV with seven seats, which must be a precedent. Also, among other things, back doors are clearly stolen from Mobilio, but we think it wouldn’t mind. Designers put effort to avoid another MPV looking model, and in that manner, SUV bits are overwhelmingly present, so raised stance, black wheel cladding, flared arches, front and rear skid plates, and functional roof rails are enough to clear any mistake.

In total, keeping in mind its purpose it looks pretty good. No, wait, we can say openly that it even managed to overcome the initial idea of offering cheap, 7-seater clash of different cars and it came with the definite character in its looks.


We already mentioned it is 7-seater and it a part of a mini-SUV class, and now we are going to say that seven adults can indeed fit inside, so go ahead and be amazed. Adding to that, besides second, third row of seats can be split folded beside tumble down feature. The cabin, as scaled down Jazz interior, wouldn’t charm with luxury, of course, nor the plastic with quality, but fit and finish are acceptable, and design is more than plainly simple, so overall we can give it credits for cabin also.

Interestingly, it doesn’t have the ambient coaching light found in the Jazz, but instead it has an “Eco” indicator that lights up whenever it’s driven economically. Driving position is tall, as with all SUVs, and seats offer enough comfort with steering wheel possible to tilt but not telescope adjusted.

2017 Honda BR-V


Surely everybody would prefer diesel unit for this guy, as lower peak point for maximum torque and fuel efficiency is one of its advantages. For some reason, Honda decided differently, maybe due to the price tag, and offered 1.5-liter VTEC gasoline engine from Mobilio, which generates 120 horsepower and 145 Nm of torque, which are decent figures, but to use its potential you have to rev above 3000 rpm.

No choices for shifter also, as CVT is offered and it is better than in Mobilio, shuffling quicker and even with possible paddles behind wheels in the top version, which some may find ridiculous for vehicle in question, while buyers will surely find it pretty cool.

Ride over lousy pavement is comfortable, but despite being firmer than Mobilio, increased height has its price and expect lower cornering abilities and possible understeer. Wheels at the pavement are refusing to communicate with the wheel in your hands so that too doesn’t help overall impression about ride quality.

Honda BR-V 2017 VALUE

2017 Honda BR-V is well-packaged as you can get leather seats, navigation, start/stop button on the range-topping trims, and safe also as dual airbags, ABS, vehicle stability and hill-start assist are standard. It is not reasonable to discuss the value of this car, as the value was primary goal leading all aspects of creation, so of course, that overall impression is very good.

But in this case, there is something that will stand above expected as mentioned exterior seem to take its own separate path, and offered something ahead of initial package.

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