2018 Peugeot Pick Up – Danger! Open mind approach necessary!

Pickup truck scene in America is changing again. Resurface of an idea that anything smaller beneath full-size can actually make sense reignited older flames and Frontier and Tacoma was soon joined by GM’s double offer, Honda followed through with “truck-ish” Ridgeline, while Ford‘s one is planning its trip across the ocean and we are all eager about upcoming Wrangler‘s mutation. On the contrary, on the other side of the pond, going full size never receive its breath of life, but mid-size pickup segment did.

It may be small in general schemes on the old continent, but it’s the one with peppy growth, resulting in a healthy mix of Japanese, Korean, European and even American offer (that would be that Ranger which is planning its trip back home). You might already know that Renault is joining the game with Alaskan and title of the story might fool you that Peugeot prepared an answer to it. No, 2018 Peugeot Pick Up is a totally different story.

2018 Peugeot Pick Up rear view


If you are indulged in the full-sized truck scene in America definitely not, so feel free to amuse yourself with heavy duty trucks capable of towing houses, while being covered with piles of leather, featuring ventilated seats, surrounded by cameras and propelled by beefy V8s.

This Peugeot doesn’t even come remotely close to the mid-size offer from both sides of the Atlantic. Furthermore, it seems that French company hasn’t even bothered to honor it with a proper name or let alone develop it since they just swapped Chinese badges with standing lions. But still…


There are other parts of the world, you know? And one that you rarely think about when automotive industry is concerned is definitely Africa. Now, the French automaker is dedicating special attention to it, though they haven’t gone especially far with it, as we stated already. 2018 Peugeot Pick Up is nothing but rebadged Zhengzhou Nissan Rich New which was introduced in 2014 to the Chinese market.

Zhengzhou Nissan is a joint venture between a Chinese company and Nissan, which then implies that Rich New is basically two decades old first generation of Nissan Frontier with the fancier headlights. Peugeot additionally went through “trouble” to insert its own grille, badges and slightly tweak the headlights and there it politely stopped. Can it be any good then?

2018 Peugeot Pick Up main image

2018 Peugeot Pick Up FIGURES SAY

You need to know that this pickup is moved by 2.5-liter diesel, which is turbocharged, but then 115 hp and 206 lb-ft of torque might leave you wondering where that forced air ended up in the end. 0-60 is unknown, and it is better if it stays that way. Still, fortunately, some old school stuff never fades, and some robustness is guaranteed by ladder frame, solid rear axle and available 4WD with low range gearbox. Interestingly ground clearance is pretty fair at 8.3 inches, same as you’ll get in Chevy‘s Colorado, and the payload is remarkable at almost 1,800 pounds which could shame whole mid-size truck segment in the US.

The cabin is obviously grossly outdated, and that could be even an understatement, but at least it is based on facelifted first gen Frontier, from a time when Japanese brand have started learning that interior design has some sense also.


This world is not just black and white. We have an abundance of colors, and each one has myriads of different shades. Questionable aesthetics, archaic engine, and stunning cheapness of this Peugeot might not work out in Europe or US, but in Africa? It might. Anticipated humble price tag coupled with amazing payload and capability of plowing through raw African roads might just seal the deal for many buyers on that part of the globe.

And did we mention it comes with ABS, a couple of airbags, electric windows and mirrors, CD player with USB port, rear parking sensors, and manual air-conditioning? Funny? Rethink about it, if you haven’t absorbed the message yet.

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