6 Hacks And Tricks To Rent And Use An RV Like A Savvy Renter

If you’ve been yearning for a classic summer trip down the road with family, consider cruising in a recreational vehicle (RV). And if you haven’t bought or don’t want to buy an RV, you can always rent from several agencies out there. Renting an RV gives you the flexibility of a road trip and a home on wheels.

Whether you want to take the RV on a cross country or around your state, here are six tips to be a more savvy renter and driver.

Know The Different RV Types

Just like vehicles, there are several types of RVs. Each type offers unique features, and it’s important to know what features you need to choose the best. Here are some of the most common types from a reputable RV resource like Camperism.

Class A Motorhome

A classic A motorhome is the largest RV. With this, you can travel and camp luxuriously. You can easily live in this RV thanks to its spacious rooms. However, it can be more difficult to drive this motorhome.

Classic C Cabover

A classic C Cabover has a van cab and an attached motorhome. These RVs usually have a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom that can be changed into sleeping spaces. Although it is smaller than Class A motorhome, it can accommodate five people and is easier to manage.

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Fifth Wheel Camper

A fifth when the camper is a pull-behind RV that needs a fifth wheel mounted in the truck-bed. This RV carries two full-sized beds and bunks and offers a dinette, kitchen, and bathroom.

Towable Trailer

A towable travel trailer is an RV that you can tow behind your truck using towbars such as those found here. This trailer usually offers sleeping, kitchen, and bathroom areas that can accommodate four to five people.

Deposit And Insurance

You will need to put down deposits when renting an RV. Some agencies will require a deposit once you make your reservation. The deposit is generally used to hold your reservation and is applied to the final rental cost.

Most rental agencies will also request for a security deposit. This payment is usually refunded when you return the RV undamaged after your trip. It may be wise to learn a few ways to keep your RV in good shape.

Insurance is not optional when renting an RV. While some RV rental services include insurance in their package, others don’t, meaning you will have to get your own.

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RV Rental Costs

The cost of renting an RV varies greatly and will probably increase during the peak season. You’re expected to pay a daily rate and the bigger the RV the higher the rate. Fortunately, some companies offer rental deals and offers, so look for them when renting.

You will also be charged for each mile you cover on your rental RV. Therefore, it is wise to plan your trip in advance so you know the expected cost when the rental agency gives you their rates per mile. 

Driving An RV

Driving an RV is slightly different than your normal SUV or a smaller car. For instance, where there is a gust of wind passing by, you may feel like your motorhome is about to move out of the road or into another car.

Therefore, drive at a speed that doesn’t increase your chances of being blown out of the road or into another car. You may want to learn a few ins and outs of driving an RV before your trip because RVs don’t need a special driver’s license.

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Slow Down Before Stopping

When driving your usual car, you often find yourself slamming on the brakes when slightly distracted. In an RV forget about slamming on the brakes. Since the vehicle is so large, you have to plan your stop in advance. As such, it is prudent to keep an extra safe distance with other cars just in case you need to make a quick stop.

It is also wise to turn slowly. RVs can easily tip over if you make a sharp, tight turn. You don’t want to test the force of gravity with a massive vehicle with your loved ones onboard.

Parking Your RV

Parking an RV is not like an ordinary car. Keep in mind that not every parking space can accommodate an RV. So make sure you do your research or call ahead before driving to your favorite restaurant for dinner.

Renting an RV gives you the opportunity to explore the whole world out there without breaking the bank. With these tips, you can start your RV rental process and drive like a savvy renter.


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