Why Do You Need an Aftermarket Car Audio System?

Many people find their car audio system boring. It can often happen that when you try to volume up your favorite song, the stereo in your car starts making a distorting and stuttering sound causing you to volume it down again. This can be an instant mood killer, especially if the scenery and the environment as you drive on the road are perfect.

If it happens often, especially to an avid song listener, it can cause a lot of frustration in the long run. This dilemma has plagued many drivers stuck with their old OEM audio stereo systems. Drivers need something that can give them the joy of listening to their favorite album while driving their car on a beautiful highway.

That is when they come up with the idea of replacing their vehicle’s stereo system with new ones. But sometimes, it can be challenging to determine which car stereo is the right one for your car. Fortunately, there is a large variety of aftermarket car audio systems available with different types.

While buying an aftermarket stereo system, you have many things to consider, including the price, features, and size. Because if you are not aware of all the different options available for you, you may end up wasting your money. Researching and gathering some details about an aftermarket stereo system is a great idea. To help you understand the aftermarket car audio systems better, we have gathered enough information for you.

Why Does Someone Need an Aftermarket Audio System?

You might be thinking about why you would need an aftermarket car audio system when you already have the factory-installed stereos. Well, there are several reasons for getting an aftermarket car stereo system.

The Factory Installed Speakers Are Generally Weak: If you don’t believe it, try increasing your car stereo volume to an average level and listening to it. You will definitely need to adjust the treble by boosting it to make the audio sound a bit clear. You can also find the bass level to sound hollow or weak.

The fact is that the speakers that come from the original car manufacturers aren’t that great. Most of the budget in an automobile is invested in improving the performance and comfort of the car. Improving the speakers and stereo quality is the least of any car manufacturer’s worries, since most people don’t really pay attention to them. However, their quality can mean the world for someone who loves listening to songs while driving in their car.

Do you really think you will be comfortable exploding your favorite song at total volume while driving? You need a better car audio system to have a better music experience. And it’s better to get a replacement for your factory-installed car stereo.

Aftermarket Systems Give Better Sound Quality: If your factory-installed car stereo’s sound quality does not seem weak, it does not mean you cannot get something better. The factory car stereos are not as good as you think they are. Remember that a car radio system is basically where all the car manufacturers try to cut costs. So mostly, you will never know what you are missing until you replace the system with an aftermarket one.

Most aftermarket stereos sound much, much better than any OEM stereos because they are made from a higher quality and no expense is spared in their budget. Unlike OEM manufacturers, aftermarket manufacturers don’t cheap out on their quality to save costs. That’s why, even though they cost a little more, aftermarket stereos are worth every penny.

If you consider your car’s stereo system to be the best, prefer listening to high-quality aftermarket stereos before deciding. The clearer and toned sound will definitely give your decision-making speed a boost. The best way of doing this would be to ask a friend, who has already installed an aftermarket stereo in his car, to let you drive his car around for a drive. Then you can test the aftermarket stereo’s quality and compare it with the OEM stereo in your car.

Aftermarket Stereos Provides More Features: One of the many reasons car owners pay for buying an aftermarket car stereo system is improving their car’s music playback and features. Aftermarket stereos include many features, including:

  • GPS Navigation
  • iPhone And Android Compatibility
  • Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Satellite Radio
  • Bluetooth
  • CD/DVD Playback and Many More

What Are Different Types of Aftermarket Car Stereo Systems?

If you want to invest in an aftermarket car stereo system, you must know what size is compatible with your car. There are different categories based on the size of aftermarket car stereo systems.

Different Sizes of Car Stereo

Single DIN: This is probably the most used car stereo. The size of the systems is usually 7X2 inches and can fit almost any vehicle.

Double DIN: The height of this system is double of the single DIN. These systems are generally 7X4 inches in dimension. And the additional size brings in a larger surface area to incorporate a functional touch screen.

OEM Replacement: Cars that do not allow single or double DIN systems might need an aftermarket stereo that is designed in size to accommodate the car’s dash like an OEM stereo. Those aftermarket stereos are called OEM replacements.

While Buying an Aftermarket Car Stereo System, You Must Look For A Few Features Including:

  • Sound Quality – The entire point of you buying aftermarket stereos instead of staying with your old OEM stereos is because of sound quality, so ensure that the aftermarket stereos sound good at high and low volumes before purchasing them.
  • Sound Controls – Aftermarket stereos offer much better sound control than normal stereos, including full acoustic control, reverberation and syncing options that make your listening experience seamless.
  • Ease Of Use – Touchscreen aftermarket stereos can give you easy access to your music library allowing you to easily put on the song you like without much hassle.
  • Expandability – Ensure that the aftermarket stereo system you buy has ports and features for all types of modern devices. Bluetooth and USB 3.0/2.0 port availability is an absolute must.
  • Budget – You can get all the features you want but the more features you get, the more expensive the aftermarket stereo is going to be. It is your job as a responsible buyer to ensure that you buy the aftermarket stereo with the most features while staying in your budget.
  • Security – Last but not at all the least, you need to ensure some semblance of security for your aftermarket stereo if you are spending big bucks on it. You might buy the most expensive aftermarket stereo, but if it doesn’t have basic security like a passcode or pin, then we will recommend that you stay away from it.

Summing Up:

It is quite possible to install an aftermarket car audio system independently, but it might be challenging to manage without professional help. The installation process plays a pivotal role in the lifespan of your car stereo system. Thus, you must hire professionals to install your aftermarket car stereo system. Check our to find some best-fit car stereo systems for your car and get professional installation.

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