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KMC Wheels (Rims) Review- Are they any good?

KMC Wheels hit the market in 1982, and quickly made a prominent mark among the leading wheel manufacturing brands. It is known for introducing versatile products with top-notch quality that can easily compete with the giants of the industry.

In the past years, KMC Wheels have been used by many popular media persons and racing celebrities, which further added to their popularity among the general customers.

For a brand that has been in the mix for a relatively short time, KMC Wheels has been immensely successful in making a name for itself.


In terms of appearance, KMC wheels are highly popular. The rims are designed in an unconventional manner, with some patterns that are totally unique to the brand.

It offers a huge variety of designs for the customer to choose from, ranging from simple and classical to aggressive and sporty.

Special attention is paid to the spoke pattern of these wheels, which fall on a wide spectrum that extends from rounded, lesser number of spokes to webbed and triangular ones.

These wheels are available in five finishes – black, grey, machined, a shiny and attractive bronze and a sporty red, making it a heaven for those who like to play around with the looks of their vehicle.


The superb off-road performance of KMC wheels has been a major selling point for the brand. Most of its series feature tough and resilient wheels that can efficiently handle extremes of weathers and terrains, and a multitude of poor driving conditions.

Moreover, they are designed to be able to handle a great amount of load with unmatched grace.

Another redeeming quality of KMC wheels is that they fit easily and perfectly with the tires, and as opposed to many other brands, the chances of unbalancing are minimal.


KMC wheels are constructed using either cast aluminum or forged monoblock, which are highly durable materials. They not only provide a great deal of strength, but also prevent rusting and corrosion.

This does mean that the wheel can survive for long stretches of time, even when used in unfriendly conditions.

However, the finish of most of these products is prone to wearing and scratches, and needs special care and regular cleaning to stay intact.

Sizes and Configurations:

KMC wheels are designed to serve the needs of a number of different vehicles, including passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs. This makes it one of the few brands that offer versatile products for entirely different categories of vehicles.

The available rim sizes are 14 to 24 inches, while the rim widths range from 6 to 10 inches. The bolts of KMC wheels are designed in a number of patterns that can include 4 to 8 lug nuts.

A particularly interesting feature of KMC wheels is the extensive range of offsets, that extend from -48 to +38 mm. If custom designed wheels are your thing, you might get the greatest number of options with KMC wheels.

Price and Value:

KMC wheels top the list of brands that offer superb quality for a low price. For a brand that competes with well established giants of the industry, it beats all of its counterparts in terms of cost.

Most of the products of KMC wheels retail at a price that is one-half to a quarter lower than other established brands.

Some of the Best Products by KMC Wheels:

1. KMC Wheels XD Series Monster Wheel with Matte Black Finish

This attractive matte black wheel is one of the top-rated wheels offered by KMC. It has a stylish 6 spoke pattern with widely spaced, raised edges, that impart an aggressive and robust appearance.

This wheel is particularly designed for off-road driving, and its sturdy build ensures that it performs tremendously under such conditions. Cherry on top is the high load capacity of this wheel.

2. XD Series by KMC Wheels XD798 Addict Matte Black Wheel

This elegant looking matte black wheel is another great option for off-road driving. It has a classical design which can instantly transform the appearance of your SUV or truck.

It has 8 spokes and a conspicuous center cap which features the logo of XD series. An interesting feature of this wheel is that it contains chromium, which provides it with sufficient strength to withstand the challenges that come with off-road driving. This wheel is also corrosion resistant.

3. XD Series by KMC Wheels XD820 Grenade Satin Black Wheel with Milled Spokes

If you are more drawn towards wheels with unconventional designs, this is for you. This satin black wheel has a prominent milled spoke pattern which is reinforced by silver paint on edges.

This fancy construction can make your vehicle stand out from miles away. Apart from its edgy outlook, this wheel also has a tremendous off-road potential and it can perform amazingly in harsh terrains.

It is made of aluminum and contains chromium, and also has a marvelous load capacity of 3640 pounds.

4. XD Series by KMC Wheels XD811 ROCKSTAR II Matte Black Wheel Chromium

This matte black wheel is another excellent product introduced by KMC wheels, with a balanced construction that offers both performance and aesthetic appeal. It has 5 prominent spokes that have additional raised outer edges that account for a tough look.

This wheel promises equally pleasant performance on both paved roads and in off-road condition, along with a great load capacity.

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