Auto Locksmith 101: 5 Tips For Getting Into A Locked Car

Locking your vehicle with your keys inside can be a frustrating experience. You may want to scream out your frustration, but you need to remain calm to handle the situation properly. No matter how careful you are, there are instances when you find yourself standing outside your car with your car keys inside. Since this situation can happen without warning, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with how to get back in.

Below are the four tips for getting into a locked car and resolving the issue more quickly:

1. Call A Family Or Friend

If you left your keys inside a locked vehicle, you’d probably panic, thinking how you’re going to fix your dilemma in the fastest time possible. Generally, it’s natural to feel overly stressed when you’re locked out of your vehicle at the side of the road or wherever you may be.

In this situation, it’s best to contact a family or friend nearby. If one of them is near your location, they can come over and help you with the situation. For example, they may have a spare key you can utilize to unlock your vehicle and solve the problem. If they don’t have any spare key, they can still be of assistance by bringing some items that can help get into your locked ride.

On the other hand, if no one can come over for a rescue, it’s still best to call a family member or a friend. Even if they can’t help you figure out how to unlock your vehicle, they can still offer emotional support. Also, calling them on the phone is an essential safety protocol to consider. Since you may not know how long you’ll stay on the road, it’s important to let your loved one know your current whereabouts.

2. Call For A Roadside Assistance

You can call for emergency roadside assistance to help you unlock your vehicle. The professionals offering this kind of assistance can go to your location and open your ride for you. That way, you don’t need to stress yourself out on how you can get into your locked vehicle and fix the problem.

3. Call A Locksmith


You can also get into a locked vehicle by calling a professional locksmith. Many locksmith companies offer emergency services wherein they come directly to you and address your lock issue. They have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to unlock your vehicle without damaging your locks. They also have state-of-the-art technology that helps them generate ignition keys for several model vehicles.

Hence, if you’re looking for the right locksmith to call in case of a road emergency, you can visit here or browse through other reliable resource websites online for more information. Doing so can help you find the perfect locksmith for your lock needs.

4. Do Some Troubleshooting

If you decide to address the lock problem by yourself while waiting for the locksmith service to arrive, you may take some troubleshooting steps to get started. By doing so, you may be able to look for an effective way of getting into your locked vehicle.

To troubleshoot the locks, you have to inspect all the car doors. There may be a door lock that doesn’t close properly. If the doors are locked, check all the windows to see if there’s a way to get in. If you have the keys in your possession, but the lock still isn’t working, you can try to get into your ride through your car trunk.

5. Use Certain Tools To Get Into The Locked Car


If the troubleshooting steps didn’t work effectively, you can use some tools to unlock your ride. These can include:

  • Shoelace: This item may come in handy when it comes to getting into a locked automobile. However, it’s important to note that not all shoelaces can effectively resolve a lockout scenario. Moreover, this may only work on cars that have post locks sticking on the window sill. When using a shoelace, you need to create a small loop and slide it gently into the car door. Once done, tighten the loop around the lock to pull it up quickly.
  • Tennis Ball: If you have a tennis ball, you can also use this to get into your locked vehicle. To do so, you have to put it directly on your vehicle’s locking mechanism. So, you can start by creating a hole in the tennis ball, putting it on the keyhole, and squeezing it to push air into the lock until it opens.
  • Coat Hanger: If your automobile has horizontal locks, you can utilize a coat hanger to unlock the door and obtain access to the inside. To begin, you need to straighten the wire coat hanger and use its hook to get it around the lock and pull.
  • Spatula: You can also open your locked automobile with a spatula. Put this tool between the door to make space and wedge it open. By doing so, you can successfully lift the lock from the inside.
  • Metal Rod and Screwdriver: You can utilize a screwdriver and a metal rod to unlock your ride. Just make a space between the door with a screwdriver and use the rod to push the lock. With this, you can open your locked ride as quickly as possible.
  • Inflatable Wedge: You can wedge this tool between your automobile doors and create a big opening that allows you to use some other tools to lift the lock and open your ride.
  • Strip of Plastic: If you have a strip of plastic, you can bend it, place it into the door jamb and lift the lock to unlock the door.
  • Lock Picking Tool: Using this can be the easiest way of getting inside your locked ride. As long as you know how to handle a lock picking tool, you can ensure a better outcome. Once it’s done, you may consider obtaining copies of your car key.

Bottom Line

There’s nothing more frightening than getting locked out of your car on the road. If you don’t know what to do, you may find yourself panicking and worsening the situation. Therefore, if you want to handle a car lock problem more effectively, it’s best to keep the tips mentioned above in mind. By doing so, you can get into your locked car without further hassle

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