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Best All-Season Tires for Subaru Crosstek

Most of us would agree that while every vehicle has its own significance, SUVs and crossovers rule this era. Subaru Crosstek is one such handy crossover that is versatile in its performance and is capable of excelling in almost all kinds of terrains while offering everyday usability and plenty of cargo space.

For such daily drivable vehicles, all-season tires are, generally, the most suitable choice as extreme off-road capability is not much of a requirement and, not to mention, all the compromises it comes with.

They can provide satisfactory performance in a wide range of conditions, are easy to handle and most often, are quiet and comfortable. Here are a few of the most suitable ones.

The 5 Best All-Season Tires for Subaru Crosstek

If you are having trouble in choosing the best all-season tire for your Subaru Crosstek, here is a list of the top picks for your specific vehicle:

Best tire options for stock size rims (17 inches):

  1. General AltiMAX RT43 Radial Tire – 225/55R17 97T (Editor’s choice)
  2. Michelin Premier LTX All Season Radial Tire 225/65R17 102H
  3. Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring All-Season 225/65R17 102H Tire

Best options for after-market rims:

  1. Pirelli CintuRato P7 All Season Run Flat Radial Tire – 225/45R18 91V
  2. GOODYEAR ASSURANCE MAXLIFE all_ Season Radial Tire-215/60R16 95V

1. General AltiMAX RT43 Radial Tire – 225/55R17 97T (Editor’s choice)

User-friendliness, budget-friendliness and road-friendliness, it has got it all…

This 17-inch tire by General is one of our absolute favorites. It is an all-rounder and provides a quality ride which is also comfortable and safe. Plus, it is budget-friendly, so this tire really is a go-to for your Subaru Crosstek.

This tire is designed for a supreme all-season performance. Its tread pattern is symmetric, which is known to provide the best traction. In addition, it has four circumferential grooves that perform the imperative function of clearing water from the tread on wet roads which means that ample traction is provided in rain and on snow, in addition to dry conditions.

Even on slippery surfaces, this tire tends to maintain an excellent grip and provides great control to the driver. This function is performed by the sipes in snowy conditions.

The steering response of this tire is unmatched, and it adds greatly to the user-friendliness of it. Another noticeable feature in this regard is that this tire has the ability to effectively modulate noise and make the ride quiet. Quite desirable in any tire, isn’t it?

The tread of this tire is made of silica and is reinforced to provide robustness. This adds to the quality of the ride. However, this does little to improve the tread life of this tire and it regularly falls short of the manufacturer’s claims 


  • Excels in all seasons
  • Steady
  • Easy handling
  • Budget friendly 
  • Quiet


  • Diminished tread life

2. Michelin Premier LTX All Season Radial Tire 225/65R17 102H

Truly premium construction and ride…

Michelin tires are known for their premium quality products, and this 17-inch tire is no exception. In addition to performing outstandingly in all seasons, this tire beats all other counterparts when it comes to appearance. 

The tread of this tire is made using innovative technology and versatile materials. Tread compound contains elastomers in addition to silica, and is reinforced for additional sturdiness. These materials are known to provide great strength to the tire, which can be felt when driving as the ride is very controlled and, yet, comfortable. The handling of this tire is easy, and noise production is minimal. This level of comfort can surely be a blessing for a frequent driver. This tire is also fitted with a myriad of features that ensure safety and a greatly amplified traction. This is especially true for wet roads, as the tread of this tire is designed to evacuate maximum amount of water so that the grip remains uncompromised. It also has emerging and expanding rain grooves that come into play when wet conditions are encountered. They further add to the traction provided and minimize the wet braking distance. All these advanced features, however, raise the cost of this tire significantly.

The tread life of this Michelin tire is amazing. This is a result of the silica compound coupled with adaptable tread, that causes even wearing. It comes with a 60,000 miles treadwear warranty, a testament to its durable construction


  • All-season traction
  • Very comfortable
  • Top quality materials
  • Long tread life


  • Costly

3. Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring All-Season 225/65R17 102H Tire

Standing true to its 70,000 miles tread life claim…

Looking for an innovatively designed tire at a reasonable price? This 17-inch tire by Cooper should be your go-to.

The tread pattern is unusual and asymmetric, which is a plus point if you want great handling and steering response. This superb level of control is maintained even when turning around sharp corners.

An amazing quality of this tire is that it is versatile in its performance. The thick tread around edges is a life-saver and protects the tire in rough and dry conditions. Wet traction is promised by the deep circumferential grooves, that keep the tread clear and ensure sufficient grip in slippery conditions.

The tread pattern effectively resists hydroplaning and shortens wet braking distance. This tire offers something for snow as well, and that is the presence of full depth sipes. Therefore, it is safe to say that this tire performs tremendously, no matter what the conditions are.

The tread compound, together with the interlocking sipes maximize the contact of this tire with the surface. As a result, both the fuel mileage and tread life are significantly improved. This tire comes with a whopping 70,000 miles warranty on treadwear.


  • Superb all-season performance
  • Stable and steady
  • Easy to handle
  • Inexpensive
  • Backed by warranty


  • Noisy

4. Pirelli CintuRato P7 All Season Run Flat Radial Tire – 225/45R18 91V

Everyone loves Pirelli and here’s why…

This 18-inch tire by Pirelli has taken the industry by storm in recent years and has quickly made its way to the list of top-rated all-season tires, thanks to its bunch of innovative qualities.

This tire is like none other when it comes to the degree of comfort, quality and control that it provides. From the mounting process to the actual driving in all sorts of challenging weathers, this tire is a breeze.

It has an asymmetric tread pattern that is manufactured in a way to maintain sufficient contact with the surface and provide unparalleled grip.

The tread blocks are independent, and have four circumferential grooves located between them. These clear off excess water and slush, thus minimizing any chances of slipping.

The amount of grip in dry and rocky conditions is equally tremendous, and makes driving easy and comfortable. This grip is sustained when turning around corners as well.

To provide superb traction in snow as well, the tread of this tire has sipes that grasp the snow and pack it tightly. Thus, there are little to no chances of sliding or getting stuck.

What makes this tire particularly unique is that it is designed to be environment friendly. This means that all its components are chosen to produce minimal pollution. The noise production is kept strictly in check.

The tread has polymers and the design allows for maximum contact with the road. Thus, it is not very fuel efficient. Another downside of this pattern is that the tire wears significantly faster due to the same reason.


  • Compatible with all seasons
  • Comfortable 
  • Safe and steady
  • Quiet
  • Environment friendly


  • Compromised tread life

5. GOODYEAR ASSURANCE MAXLIFE all_ Season Radial Tire-215/60R16 95V

The best economical and fuel efficient choice for the wise spenders…

This 16-inch tire by Goodyear is another amazing option for a Subaru Crosstek. Its construction is in accordance with the requirements of all seasons, and its performance speaks for itself.

The tread compound is chosen for its compatibility with all kinds of weathers, and molded into a symmetrical pattern. This pattern has the advantage of providing greater traction, which is true for this tire under most conditions.

To enhance wet traction, circumferential grooves are present in the tread. These provide the driver with great control, even on slippery surfaces. This applies to snow, slush and even ice.

For more traction in snow, sipes are present in it. Nonetheless, the wet and snow traction of this tire is limited to light rain and light snow only, and might not live up to the expectations in harsh conditions. 

This tire is capable of providing a comfortable ride at extremely high speeds as well. This is due to the strong compound, which is reinforced. The rubber-to-road contact has been optimized for fuel mileage, however, as a result of this, the tread wears significantly fast.


  • Performs in all seasons
  • Provides control
  • Fuel efficient 
  • Inexpensive


  • Not suited for heavy rain or snow
  • Diminished tread life

How to pick a good all-season tire for a Subaru Crosstek?

Although a large variety of all-season tires are available in the market today, the choice greatly depends on individual needs and circumstances. However, a few points need to be considered in order to make a wise choice:

1. Tread Depth:

In case of all-season tires, a moderate tread depth is your best bet. It is a balance between the requirements of a hot climate and a colder one, and ensures sufficient traction and grip in both, as well as other various weather conditions.

2. Load index

Choosing a tire with a higher load rating is obviously more sensible for anyone who desires to carry a lot of stuff or has to haul around a large family. But that is not the end of story.

Crossovers, just like Subaru Crosstek have a much higher weight than normal road going cars. For, this reason it is always advisable to choose tires with a higher load rating so that they can cope with the weight and the additional stress placed under high speed cornering or braking.

3. Rain performance

All-season tires do generally perform sufficiently in wet conditions, but that is not always the case. Make sure to check to check out the rain performance, especially the wet braking distances, for any tire that you purchase.

Directional tires are significantly much better at this. For a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of directional all-season tires, check out the complete discussion here: Are All-Season Tires Directional?

4. Warranty:

Most all-season tires have features that are essentially a compromise between dedicated tires for different conditions. These features might, in some situations, diminish the tread life. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a tire that is covered by warranty, to ensure that your precious bucks are not wasted.

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