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Best All Season tires for Subaru Outback

When it comes to purchasing tires, consumers look for something that can offer flexibility, a long tread life and something that isn’t too heavy on the pocket. Sound like something you need? All-season tires may be your best bet. These tires are engineered to be largely versatile i.e. they function in both hot and cold temperatures, provide a good hydroplaning resistance and hold some form of light snow traction ability. It is a strong option for anyone who seeks a good performance all year around.

The Subaru Outback comes with a wealth of features, one of which is the ability to handle great both off and on road. Regardless of this, the vehicle is mostly used on highways which renders all-seasons tires to be the perfect tire for it. The reason for this is that all-seasons provide good traction in all types of weather (particularly rain) without the unnecessary compromises that an all-terrain or mud-terrain tire may offer.

Top 5 Best All Season Tires for the Subaru Outback

Best replacement tires for stock wheels:

  1. Goodyear Fortera HL Radial Tire – 245/70R17 108T (Editor’s choice)
  2. Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 422 Plus All-Season Highway Tire 225/65R17 102 H
  3. BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT All_Season Radial Tire-225/65R17 102T

Best tires for aftermarket wheels:

  1. Lexani LXHT-206 LT245/75R16 120/116S
  2. Yokohama GEOLANDAR H/T G056 All-Season Radial Tire – 245/60R18 104H

1. Goodyear Fortera HL Radial Tire – 245/70R17 108T

An amalgam of comfort and capability…

The Goodyear Fortera is a popular choice tire for both customers and industrialists alike. This tire is used as an OE tire in a large variety of trucks and SUVs. This product is a great pick for those who frequently drive on rocky/muddy terrains and demand something that caters both comfort and performance simultaneously. Hence, for customers looking for good off road potential, this is your best bet. In order to enhance this ability, Goodyear has optimized the tread by strengthening the tire with steel belts. This is done in order to increase its puncture resistance, hence allowing for a longer tread life. The tire also handles bad weather (i.e. rain or snow) well. The dry and wet traction are both excellent which is made possible by the improved tread compound and symmetric tread pattern. Steering and handling have been rated as very good too.

On sand, the tire works great however there are significant concerns over deep mud traction. There are also problems regarding the overall life of the tread. Customers complain that the tread wear is rather far too high for the price tag, hence the value for money is low, at best.


  • Dry and wet traction
  • Comfortable
  • Low noise
  • Supremely capable


  • Tread wear
  • Not so good mud and ice traction

2. Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 422 Plus All-Season Highway Tire 225/65R17 102 H

The most fuel efficient option…

Japanese brand Bridgestone is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. Going on par with companies like Michelin, you can expect great results from this brand. The Bridgestone Ecopia is a perfect pick for those looking for a tire that caters to environmental sustainability. This tire is a best seller simply because of the lack of carbon dioxide emission it offers. This property is credited via the enhanced tread which allows for a decrease in the rolling resistance of the tire, hence providing a better fuel consumption. The grooves are also full depth, which means that this tire will keep evacuating water throughout its lifetime. Along with that, dry traction has been rated as very good and both handling as well as braking are extraordinary. Thanks to the symmetric tread pattern and center blocks the tire also allows the vehicle to have good stability while on the go. The tire also has an uncanny ability to resist uneven tread wear.

However, there is a significant amount of negative feedback regarding the wet traction and winter performance. The comfort of this tire can also be rated as “fair”.


  • Fuel efficient
  • Good dry traction
  • Environment friendly construction


  • Bad wet traction
  • Considerable noise
  • High tread wear

3. BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT All_Season Radial Tire-225/65R17 102T

One of the best snow handling among all-season tires…

This top tier tire is a good choice for users that live in snowy areas. There are a large number of reviews that appreciate the grip of the tire on ice and compared to a standard all-season tire the snow traction is phenomenal. The performance on both dry and wet surfaces is also commendable. This is attributed to the tire by the silica enhanced compound, which not only helps deliver more traction but also stability. The BFG sport also features an exceptional hydroplaning ability. This is due to its water dispersing properties via cross grooves. Another reason it is popular is because it has a relatively good tread life. Almost 60,000 to 65,000 miles. Nevertheless, there are concerns over the noise with some users labelling it as “unacceptable” for an all-season tire.


  • Very good wet and dry traction
  • Exceptional snow performance
  • Great tread life
  • Good hydroplane resistance


  • Reduced ride comfort
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Noisy

4. Lexani LXHT-206 LT245/75R16 120/116S

The best option for those on a budget…

This durable tire is great for its value for cost; it is a top pick for those looking for decent quality on a low budget. Lexani tires are generally known to be very cheap, almost a third of the price if compared to tires from Michelin, Bridgestone or BGF. Although this is a desirable trait, consumers need to understand there is only so much one can get from a low cost tire. Starting off, this tire is great for anyone looking for a basic all season tire which handles very well and looks great too. Dry traction and ride comfort is great and as for the cost the tread wear is decent too. However, it has low score in wet and winter traction department. Puncture resistance needs improvement and the responsiveness is not the best either.


  • Great output for cost
  • Good dry traction and comfort


  • Bad snow traction
  • Slips easily
  • Punctures easily

5. Yokohama GEOLANDAR H/T G056 All-Season Radial Tire – 245/60R18 104H

The most durable and reliable one among the bunch…

The Geolandar is a new and improved variant, designed in order to check all the properties which a substandard all-season tire may not have. To begin with, the wet grip and traction are rated as exceptional for an all-season. The addition of 3D sipes and multifunctional grooves allow the tire to achieve a grip that is firm and hydroplane resistant beyond compare. This is a common point of appreciation in many consumer reviews! As for ride performance, it offers good ride comfort and low road noise too. The most appreciable trait of this tire has to be its tread life. As evidenced by consumer reports, this is anywhere around 70,000 miles on average, much higher than any other tire on this list. The addition of shoulder blocks and the improved contact patch is what allows this to be possible. Value for money is deemed great too.

As for the downsides, like other all-season tires, the ice traction, braking and acceleration requires improvement. Otherwise, this tire is fantastic and we highly recommend it.


  • Exceptional wet grip and traction
  • Great Tread life
  • Low noise and low vibration
  • Good ride performance


  • Poor snow traction

How to buy the best tires for Subaru Outback?

Really, there are only two things you need to consider:

1. Tread

As Outbacks are mostly going to be used on the highways, it is hard to justify investing in a set of all-terrain or mud-terrain tires. All-season tires are the best in this regard as they provide everyday usability and all the capability you’ll ever need if you don’t intend to do some serious off-roading with none of the compromises in the case of their alternatives.

The tread could also be directional or non-directional, each with its own advantages. to see which one fits your need check the complete discussion here: Are All-Season Tires Directional?

2. Size

Outbacks come with a stock wheel size of 17 inches or 16 inches for the older models. The premium models enjoy a size upgrade, as well. If you go for after-market wheels keep this in mind: upsizing or downsizing, both have their pros and cons. Upgrading the size gives the car a sportier look, and even handling but it is detrimental to your suspension. Downsizing will improve the ride comfort and will be easier on your car’s suspension in exchange for aesthetics and handling.

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