8 Things to Consider When Buying Private Car Plates – 2020 Guide

The car has long been a necessity due to transportation from one place to another, but also a luxury having in mind people are ready to spend a real fortune on it. People invest a lot of money in their four-wheelers. Some people like tinted glass, others put colored light bulbs in the interior, various stickers, and so on. While some do not like to stand out and be noticed while driving, there are also people who are so proud of their four-wheeled pets that they show it in many ways. One of them is also a personalized license plate. Some people consider it to be a unique accessory. In a sea of other cars, yours will always be noticed on the road or in the parking lot.

So, you should not be surprised when you see the plates like Bad Boy, Beauty, Jo 666, and many others. Some of them know how to carry a funny or personal message, nickname, name. We believe this idea is especially appealing to younger people, those who have just got or earned their first car.

However, before you decide on this step, you should consider some things and we will help you with that.

Car stealing

Believe it or no, researches showed cars with personalized plates are 50% more likely to be stolen. The reason? Some drivers might be targeted due to it. Also, this could get you into some trouble. If you hook up with someone or get in their way, you’ll be easily found and noticed precisely because of the tables. So, consider this side of personalized car plates as well.

I want to be seen

Many people decided on private tables to show their character or to make a joke. So, we will see some like I am boss, I am late, or Xcoose me.

Is it expensive?

If you have already decided to do so, you probably know that you will have to set aside extra money for this endeavor. This is not a sum that will lead you to poverty, but still be prepared to say goodbye to approximately 500 dollars, and even more.

What is the procedure to get a private car plate?

It is the standard procedure, the same when you want the regular one. After you apply for the vehicle registration and indicate which plates you would like, the competent police administration approves those plates or refuses their use if it considers them offensive.

What if you decide to sell a car with a private car plate?

This can be a great advantage and increase the value of your car. Of course, only in case the plates are liked by the potential buyer. If you have chosen the tables wisely, you can get even a few thousand more on this. Every private plate is unique and, believe it or no, people found it to be a safe investment.

On the other hand, if you still want to transfer the license plates to a new vehicle, that is also possible. Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency is obliged to meet the customer and transfer the plates from one vehicle to another for 80 pounds.

In case the customer does not want your private license plates and is not willing to transfer them to a new vehicle, there is a solution. Believe it or not, DVLA organizes auctions where it is possible to sell your plates.

Vehicle requirements

You may not know it, but personalized license plates can’t be put on any old car, but some requirements have to be fulfilled. This, of course, depends on the country where you live. In the UK, the vehicle has to be the appropriate age, registered in the United Kingdom, taxed or have a SORN (Statutory Off  Road Notification), but also the type that needs to have an MOT/GVT (Goods Vehicle Test). If the vehicle does not fulfill only one of these conditions, you will stay without your private car plates. Also, you need to attach certain documents such as a certificate of residence, MOT certificate, V5 documentation, tax disc expiry detail, and proof you can use the registration.

Number plate format

There are four different styles of plates, which include: current style plates, suffix number plates, prefix reg plates, and dateless number plates.

As the name suggests, the current is the style popular today. It becomes popular in 2001, consisting of seven characters.

Prefix style was popular at the end of the 2o0th century. The reason why is it called prefix is simple – the first letter indicated the vehicle’s age.

Suffix was popular even before the prefix. Those plates started with the letter A and ending with the letter that indicated the age.

Dateless plates are also known as cover plate, and it is a combination of letters and numbers because they do not include the year identifier. Such kind is ideal for concealing the car age.

Where can I order private car plates?

There is a DVLA (Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency) web site and you can try to find it there. Another option is to contact a dealer who buys and sells private plates. It is always worth checking. If you are still out of luck, there is an option to search for it privately, to check adverts in car magazines and the newspaper. We are sure that the CarReg will find the right solution for yours. There are many options you can choose, private or personalized plates, cherished or cheap.


Now that you know what you need to pay attention to, you can start choosing the right license plates for your car. Try to choose one that will be personal and on the other hand unobtrusive. You can always choose the useful one, for example, you can pick a mark meaningful to you that will remind you of the month you have to register your car.

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