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Choosing A Personalized Number Plate in 2020 — What You Need to Know?

Who doesn’t want a customized number plate to show off their personality while driving?

In so many countries people are quite satisfied with the computerized serial number provided by the local authority. In other countries, especially in developed ones, a personalized number plate is a matter of prestige and personality. In fact, in some cases, it has become quite a trend.

No wonder in 2017, the DVLA (the number plate issuing authority) raised over £111 million?

There was a time, in the UK, when general car owners couldn’t have their personalized number plate. Only the elite people could have one. When you put so much effort into choosing a car to fit your personality and needs, having a customized number plate completes the look.

Thanks to the decentralization of the process, getting a customized number plate for your car has become much easier. Private number plate for your car has become much more manageable. The good news is that this process to obtain your private number plate is free and you should receive it within 4-6 weeks. The DVLA advises keeping the original vehicle registration, which can be put back on the car if you remove the private number plate.

All you need to do is to follow some simple procedures, and you’re done!


As with any other projects, you start with the budget.

As in most cases, the plates that are in higher demand are more expensive. You need to research the market and decide which one fits your budget. For example, you might like the DVLA personalized number plates at SwiftReg, which vary in cost and style. They also have an astonishing 50 million number plates, which makes it a one-stop-shop for you.

There are some additional charges other than the initial cost for the number plate. After a certain period, you need to renew your registration, which means a periodic expense. Then there might also be a fee for transferring ownership.

Ways to buy number plates

You can purchase a private number plate in three ways:

1. From the DVLA

This is most probably the best place because they have the most extensive collection to choose from. They have made it even more comfortable and more useful by adding a search engine where you can enter your criteria, and you are almost sure to get a number plate of your choice.

Another great feature of the DVLA is that it holds number plate auctions several times a year.

There are traditional auctions and timed auctions. In traditional auctions, your bid online, over the phone, or in person.
In the timed auctions, a maximum bid is submitted. It is kept hidden from other buyers. The system automatically bids for you and wins you the plate if you are the highest bidder.

2. Through a broker

Although this option is generally more expensive, going through a broker’s site will get you the number plate you want faster. They buy and sell personal number plates and often you get exactly the one you were searching for.

3. In a private sale

If you haven’t found your dream plate through the DVLA or brokers, you can check the advertising in the car magazines or newspapers as the last report. You could luck out there.

Keep your options open

A personalized number plate has a unique number, and you cannot get one if it is already acquired by someone else.
Therefore you must plan for some 5 or 6 numbers or (a mixture of numbers and letters). Accepting the second choice is always better than having no customized plate at all.

The Cost?

Yes, now we’re on the most critical point to discuss. The cost naturally varies as it should. Generally, the fewer the digits or characters are more expensive. Most people choose the simplest ones, and so the demand for more straightforward number plates is higher.

An average price of a personalized number plate can be over £200 on the DVLA site. As stated above, a broker or a classified ad might ask for more – sometimes even around a million for that unique must-have plate.

You cannot Do

Whatever you pay for your number plate, there are still going to be things you cannot do with it.

For example, you cannot make your vehicle look newer by the number plate. It’s prohibited. You can, in turn, make it look like an older one of the same age if you’d like.

Types of a personalized plate

In the UK, there are four basic styles

  • Current: Contemporary numbers suggesting new car registration.
  • Prefix: The first letter indicating a specific time, i.e., the age.
  • Suffix: Starting with the letter ‘A’ and ending with another that shows its age.
  • Dateless: No indication of the vehicle’s age. It has a mixture of up to three letters and four numbers.

The Idea of Personalized Number Plate

There are so many options for you to choose from.

You might want your plate to express the name of your loving daughter or your favorite color or the football team you are a die-hard for.
Whatever the case is, you might like the idea of going through a process similar to auto numerology. Here the numbers are exchanged for letters, and detached letters are exchanged for words or names, creating a unique combination for you.

For example:

Based on visual similarity

  • The digit 0 can be used for the letter ‘O’
  • The digit 1 can be used for the letter ‘I’
  • The digit 2 can be used for the letter ‘Z’
  • The digit 5 can be used for the letter ‘S’
  • The digit 8 can be used for the letter ‘B’

Again, based on pronunciation similarity—

  • KT can be used for Katy or Katie
  • K8 can be used for Kate
  • MA can be used for Emma
  • XS can be used for excess
  • T can be used for Tee, Tea

Legal Requirements

After you purchase your personalized number plate, you receive a certificate of entitlement. This allows you to use the plate on your car. Along with the entitlement, you are required to follow some rules.

They are as follows:

  • The number plate characters will have to be imprinted with some reflective material so that anyone can easily spot it.
  • For the front plate, the background will be white, and the characters black.
  • For the rear plate, the background will be white, while the characters will be yellow.
  • There cannot be any background pattern
  • There cannot be any altered font or spacing.

Not yet finished

After you have your number plate for your car, you still have a few more steps to follow. These instructions can be found here.

So, that’s what it’s like. Now you’re ready to go. Good luck with your personalized number plate!

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