Top 5 Cars from the Fast & Furious Franchise

Not many automotive movies come close to running parallel with the Fast franchise, let alone toppling its undisputed position. Fast & Furious has years in its bag of providing fans with high-speed mayhem, bald muscly dudes, and family. Holding all three of these features together are the fast, shiny vehicles introduced in each movie that seldom make it to the end of the screening without being smashed to smithereens. This distinctive aspect of the films is also to blame for what makes them so exciting to watch.

In this article, we’ll be checking out some of the most prominent of these metal beasts introduced in the span of the ten Fast movies. Take note that if you’re not watching the films in HD quality, you won’t be able to wholly absorb the carnage wrought forth by explosions, corny humor, and family dynamics. If you haven’t already done so, check out AT&T and its services that guarantee a solid internet connection for all your entertainment activities. Reach out to AT&T customer service and enjoy a simple, fast process to get hooked on one of the best telecommunications providers in America.

Now, rev your engines and let us lay some spotlight on Fast & Furious’ most beloved cars!

1970 Dodge Charger


The 70’s classic black Dodge Charger has arguably become the face of the Fast franchise, as it is the go-to car for Dominic Toretto. Fans will remember it first introduced in the race between Dom and Brian all the way back in the first movie. The Charger has a stock, aggressive look to it but Dom added a few touches to it such as a massive supercharger sticking out from the hood and chrome accents all over.

The Charger is initially a muscle car with drag racing capabilities. Over the span of the movies, it’s been put through a lot of customizations to withstand different kinds of terrain such as rocky mountains, ice, and gliding over cliffs. It’s a fitting hero car that always pulls through when the going gets tough.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII


Introduced in the sequel to the first movie and equally cherished by fans worldwide, the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII was Brian’s workhorse as he continued his investigations as an undercover cop. Since his first car got trashed, the police lend Brian and his partner, Roman Pierce, two Mitsubishi Lancers that they make good use of to win elusive street races and accumulate street cred.

Since the Mitsubishi Lancer has brilliant handling right out of the box, Fast 2 made full use of this feature by depicting it as being able to do donuts and even 180-degree turns and going in reverse while still winning a race in the end. The Lancer Evolution series has amazing handling capabilities and is rally worthy, so much so that it can go head to head with Subaru’s Impreza WRX.

Nissan Fairlady Z (Z33)


Probably the first villain car from the franchise that grew to be loved by the audience regardless. The Nissan Fairlady Z makes its big screen appearance in Tokyo Drift as DK’s car. DK and Sean Boswell, the protagonist of the movie, go head to head in a race that has both characters race to the top level of a parking garage. Boswell misjudges the Nissan’s drifting & handling capabilities, especially with DK behind the wheel. He loses terribly, damaging his own car in the process while DK can be seen waiting at the rooftop in his Fairlady.

Lykan Hypersport


This car marked the beginning of the Fast series kicking things up a notch as far as action is concerned. The Lykan was first seen resting inside one of the tallest buildings in Dubai. Our beloved Fast team needed a device embedded inside it while they had goons hot on their tail. Thus, Brian and Dominic came up with a brilliant plan to save their lives; sit inside the Lykan and make it push 0-60 in 2.8 seconds only to make it fly from the building they were in, onto the neighboring building.

This scene was wild. Imagine bullets flying, obscenities shouted and a 3.4 million dollar hypercar smashing through premium furniture only to break through glass and glide into the next building. Our heroes managed to jump out of the car just as it was about to roll out of the second building as well. Thus concluding an incredible yet fleeting moment for the Lykan.

1994 Toyota Mk4 Supra


While some may argue that the Dodge Charger is the first car to rev its way into people’s hearts, in fact, the Toyota Mk4 Supra got there first. Belonging to the late Paul Walker in the first film, the Supra went head to head with Dom’s Charger at the end of the movie as the two heroes decided to have a go at each other in their cars.

Even though there was no clear winner, the Supra managed to hold its own against Dom’s black horse. Giving it a run for its money even when Dom had kicked in the supercharger and the installed NOS in a possible attempt to overtake Brian. The scene could easily make adrenaline pump inside new and longtime fans.


That’s a wrap on our top five cars from the Fast franchise that deserve every bit of praise. Not only do the aforementioned cars have a brilliant history of being getaway & race vehicles in Fast & Furious, but producers from other movies have borrowed them for other movies as well. Just because of the sheer capability they display on-screen and off-screen. Be sure to check them out as you binge-watch your favorite Fast movies.

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