How Often Must One Change His Dirt Bike Tires? – 2024 Guide

The tires of your dirt bicycle require replacement when it starts wearing out. You must look for the basic signs and decide to change them. You might be wondering whether there is a fixed duration for the replacement of wheels. Riding your bicycle without a tear on your wheels is okay.

But you must not wait or ride the bike whenever you observe any indicator. It is a perfect time for the tire replacement, and ensure that you do it immediately. If you do so, you can protect yourself from unexpected accidents. It will also save you money on regular repairs and maintenance.

Before you consider the replacement, you need to know more about Dunlop dirt bike tires. This write-up will help you determine how often you must consider changing the wheels of your dirt bike. If you want to ride safely, you must take care of it.

Indicators of Wear and Tear

Before you think of tire replacement, it is necessary to check for the indicators of whether there is any sign of wear and tear. You can find some evidence if you closely observe your wheels. Without getting another thought, you must purchase new ones. Common indicators that you must consider are:

1.  Old Tires

If your bike wheels are more than one year old, they need to be replaced at any cost. But it is not mandatory for bikes that you rarely use. This case applies to people who ride their bicycles daily and whose tires look old with minor issues.

Sometimes, you will feel okay riding as it will not cause any problems. But in the long term, you cannot rely on it. Therefore, changing your old wheels and installing new ones is good.

2. Discoloration

When you purchase new tires, the rubber is black in color. When you observe the change in its color, you need to replace them immediately. Commonly, the black color turns gray, and it is called discoloration.

It is an indicator that your old wheels require replacement for safe riding. Many people neglect discoloration and consider gray color normal. But you should keep this defect in your mind.

3.  Cracks

With time and frequent riding, your bicycle tires can crack, which is another indicator of wear and tear. If you ignore these defects, the cracks will soon enlarge, and they can even explode the wheel at the time of fast riding.

It is quite unsafe to ride with cracked tires. You can prefer minor repairs when you observe this defect in the beginning. But it is a must-sign for the replacement you must do in the future to avoid any accident.

4.  Rounded Knobs

When you ride your bicycle in dirt or soft sand, the chances of torn knobs become high. If you see torn knobs, then your wheels need to be replaced in any way. Due to frequent riding, the tires lose their sharpness.

On soft surfaces, the sides of the wheels start becoming round. But if you usually ride on hard surfaces, you cannot quickly observe this defect.

Signs that You Should Not Consider

1.  Hard Rubber

Many people make a mistake by considering hard rubber tires as a basic sign of wear and tear. There is no requirement to do any replacement if the rubber gets hardened. You must take care of the storage so that hardness removes slowly.

People commonly consider these hard-rubber wheels old, but sometimes, poor storage can make them look the same. It is necessary not to leave tires in an open space where there is direct sunlight.

2.  Bald Spot

When you observe the bald spot, you will not wear down the thick knob. One side of the wheel is shaved more than the other. It feels like you are riding your bike on a flat surface. You will feel bulginess whenever you ride on a fine surface, making your ride uncomfortable.

In different spots, your bike may hop. The thinner rubber side becomes the bald spot. These areas can burst or rupture while riding fast. But it is a rare case, and you must observe it.

When Should One Do Tire Replacement?

According to KTM dealer near Denver, everyone must change the tires of their bike once a year. But if you observe its condition, you may detect the indicators. If you see those signs, then you need to take action immediately. The replacement within the mentioned period will protect you from unexpected accidents.

It is better if you do something to extend its life. Whenever you ride your bicycle, ensure that the wheels should be well-inflated to prevent any blowouts and to get flattened. You may not know that the life of tires is pretty short, and it is good if you take a maximum of six hours every day. You must always measure the air pressure as it should, neither be too low or high.

If you put effort into enhancing the life of your bike wheels, you need to spend less money on regular repairs and maintenance. This way, one can save a lot of money, and the tires will also last over a year. It is not always mandatory to do the replacement at the end of the year, and one can also check for tear signs. If you find something, you can go ahead and take relevant action.

The Bottom Line

If you want to enhance the durability of your bike wheels, you are required to replace them once a year. But if you observe any wear and tear indicators, it is better to replace them immediately. You can save money on further repairs and prevent unexpected road accidents.

Before you go on a ride, it is necessary to check the condition of the tires and determine whether it needs replacement. You can enjoy your bike ride and be safe at the same time. There is no fixed time for the wheel replacement, as it can be done whenever it is required.

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