Is It Possible to Check a Car’s History for Free – 2024 Guide

We know how excited people feel when they want to purchase a new vehicle. However, it is not a secret that not many people can afford to buy a new one. The everyday costs are high, and our salaries usually can’t cover the costs new vehicles require. That is the reason why people decide on buying a used car. 

Of course, you can’t expect to purchase a used vehicle that will work like the fresh one. However, that also doesn’t mean you should spend your money without any research. One of the things every potential buyer should do is checking a car’s history.

There are a couple of reasons why a car’s history is an essential tool for all buyers. First of all, used cars are not for free. They are less expensive compared to the new ones. However, that doesn’t mean you will not spend a decent amount of money. Because of that, you need to be sure your investment will pay off in the end. 

On the other hand, buying a vehicle from a dishonest person can harm your safety. Some people will try to hide the bad side of the vehicle they are selling. If you don’t notice there is an issue, your vehicle may stop working while you drive. There is no need to say what could potentially happen in that case. We do not want to be negative here. 

Anyway, getting a vehicle history report usually requires additional investments. The good news for you is that you are living in the 21st century. People can check a car’s history for free from the comfort of their room. You only need to know where to look for that type of service. We will highlight a couple of ways how you can do that, and highlight the steps you have to make. Let’s find out all the available methods together.

Using Online Services

As we said, the good news for you is that you are living in the world of advanced technology. Getting the car’s history online for free is available to everyone who has a stable Wi-Fi connection. There are many online services like Car-Check where you can complete the process without spending a dollar. Despite that, you will not have to be a genius to understand how things are functioning. Yet, before you do that, there is one thing you will have to do.

The first thing you need to do is finding the Vehicle Identification Number. Fortunately, that part of the job is not challenging at all. You can find VIN in many documents, but that is not the only option. VIN is often visible on a sticker as well as different parts of the car. That is the reason why you should check the front of the engine block or underneath the spare tire to find it. 

After that, your task is to choose the online service that meets your expectations. We recommended one that can make the entire process simple. Whichever online tool you decide on, the requirements are, more or less, the same. You will have to provide some additional information to reach the car’s history. In most cases, those pieces of information are license plate number, the state where the car is registered, zip code, etc. If you enter all the information correctly, the free car’s history will be available to you. 

Ask the Previous Owner to Pay for Car’s History Record

There is a good reason why a person is selling his used car. Keep in mind that all the drivers get emotionally connected with their car. If they decide on that move, that means they urgently need money. Because of that, you can’t expect every seller is going to be willing to pay for the car’s history record. 

If you want to agree on that with the seller, there are a couple of things you should previously do. You need to show your interest in a car in the best possible way. The seller is not going to make additional investments if you hesitate to purchase his vehicle. For instance, insist on the test drive because that is a good sign that you want to purchase a vehicle. If everything goes well, say the reasons why you felt comfortable driving the car. All these things will convince the seller you will purchase his vehicle. 

Things with Dealership Are a Bit Different

Most professional dealerships are actively using different VHR services. It doesn’t matter if they use the free or paid version. That move is economical, and it allows them to provide the potential buyer with the car’s history report at every moment. 

Negotiating with the dealership goes in a bit different direction. You can say that you like the car, but there are a couple of alternatives. The salesman will try to convince you his car is an excellent choice by offering you a free car’s history. Of course, you can say that you had a bad experience before. For instance, the vehicle you purchased stopped working a few months after you bought it. In that case, his desire to provide you with the same document will grow even more. 

However, the result of your effort is something you should put into consideration. Most dealerships and private owners will agree to provide you with a full report. However, don’t expect that is going to happen always. If he gives you an outdated VHR, that should be a red flag for you. On the other hand, if he refuses to do that, there is no need to continue negotiations. There is a big chance the dealership or previous owner is trying to hide something. Besides, you now know how you can check the car’s history report for free. You can use them and confirm that your refusal is the correct decision. 

Bonus: Use a Free Fraud Check

Purchasing a used car is a risky method. More precisely, giving money to a person that you do not know always requires more attention. Because of that, you may want to check the National Insurance Crime Bureau. It is also a place where you can get the car’s history report for free. However, you will also find out if the vehicle you want to purchase is stolen or not. The website of the NICB is actually a database of all the cars stolen. By using it, you will confirm that you are making a good decision. 

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