Revving Up in the Lone Star State: Exploring Texas’ Most Popular Car Events, Shows, and Off-Roading Experiences

Texas, known for its vast landscapes and a deep-rooted car culture, is a haven for automobile enthusiasts. The state hosts a plethora of thrilling car events, shows, and off-roading experiences that attract car lovers from all over the country. From classic car exhibitions to adrenaline-pumping off-roading adventures, these events celebrate the passion and diversity of the automotive world. In this article, we will embark on a journey through some of the most popular car events, car shows, and off-roading experiences that locals in Texas simply adore.

Texas Auto Show


The Texas Auto Show, held annually during the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, is a star attraction for automotive enthusiasts. Showcasing the latest models from leading automakers, this event offers visitors a chance to explore cutting-edge technology, luxurious features, and exciting innovations in the automotive industry. From electric vehicles to heavy-duty trucks, loading up your trailer and heading to the Texas Auto Show is a one-stop destination for car lovers seeking to witness the future of mobility.

Lone Star Nationals

Hosted by the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association, the Lone Star Nationals in Fort Worth is a high-octane celebration of classic cars, hot rods, and custom vehicles. Drawing car enthusiasts from across the state, this event features over 2,500 classic cars on display, along with thrilling autocross competitions, vendor exhibits, and a swap meet. The vibrant atmosphere and sense of camaraderie among attendees make the Lone Star Nationals a must-attend event for anyone with a passion for vintage automobiles.

Cars and Coffee Austin

Cars and Coffee events have become a global phenomenon, and Texas proudly hosts its fair share of these informal gatherings. Cars and Coffee Austin, held at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, is a mecca for car enthusiasts from the city and beyond. Every month, participants showcase their prized vehicles, ranging from classic cars to modern supercars, against the picturesque backdrop of the Formula 1 race track. The event fosters a friendly atmosphere for car lovers to connect, share stories, and admire each other’s rides.

The Houston Auto Show


The Houston Auto Show is one of the largest and longest-running auto shows in Texas, attracting over 500,000 attendees annually. Held at the NRG Center in Houston, this event provides car enthusiasts with a comprehensive look at the latest vehicles from various automakers. From concept cars to family SUVs, the Houston Auto Show offers something for every automotive taste. Additionally, interactive exhibits and test drive opportunities make the event an engaging and informative experience for attendees of all ages.

Mud Nationals

For off-roading enthusiasts, Mud Nationals at the River Run ATV Park in Jacksonville, Texas, is a dream come true. This multi-day event brings together thousands of off-road enthusiasts and their customized vehicles to conquer mud bogs, obstacle courses, and thrilling trails. Participants can compete in various off-road competitions, attend live concerts, and enjoy a lively atmosphere with fellow off-roading fans. Mud Nationals is a mud-splattering, high-energy celebration of all things off-roading in the Lone Star State.

Big Bend Open Road Race (BBORR)

The Big Bend Open Road Race (BBORR) is a unique racing event held on a closed public highway in the breathtaking Big Bend region of Texas. Drivers have the opportunity to test their skills and push their cars to the limit on a challenging 59-mile stretch of Highway 118 between Alpine and Sanderson. The event attracts racers from all over the country, and speed enthusiasts revel in the chance to experience the thrill of open road racing in the stunning desert landscape.

Texas Hill Country Road Trips


For those who prefer a quieter, scenic drive, the winding roads of the Texas Hill Country offer a serene driving experience. This isn’t a scheduled event but a year-round opportunity for drivers to explore the rolling hills, lush vineyards, and charming small towns. The roads are well-maintained, making it ideal for classic cars and modern vehicles alike. With various pit stops along the way, drivers can savor the local cuisine, taste the region’s renowned wines, and immerse themselves in the rich history and architecture of the towns.

San Antonio’s Route Revival Rally

In San Antonio, history and automobiles come together in the Route Revival Rally. This event encourages participants to embark on a designated route that winds through some of the city’s most historic spots. It’s not a race but a leisurely drive, allowing participants to savor the beauty of San Antonio while enjoying their vehicles. The rally concludes with a grand fiesta where stories from the road are exchanged, and awards are given for categories like “Best Classic” and “Best Decorated Car.”

Fort Worth Classic Car Auction

For potential buyers and dreamers alike, the Fort Worth Classic Car Auction is a treasure trove of automotive wonders. From rare collectibles to restored classics, this event sees hundreds of cars go under the hammer. It’s a thrilling experience to witness the bidding wars as automotive gems find their new homes. Even if you’re not in the market to buy, just browsing through the collection and listening to the tales behind each vehicle is an experience in itself.


Texas offers an abundance of car events, car shows, and off-roading experiences that cater to every automotive interest. From the Texas Auto Show’s futuristic innovations to the classic charm of Lone Star Nationals, car enthusiasts are treated to a diverse array of automotive marvels in the Lone Star State. Additionally, the off-roading adventures at Mud Nationals and the high-speed excitement of the Big Bend Open Road Race make Texas a destination of choice for thrill-seekers and racing aficionados.

The state’s vibrant car culture, scenic landscapes, and friendly atmosphere create the perfect environment for car enthusiasts to come together, share their passion, and revel in the beauty of automotive excellence. So, whether you’re a local Texan or a visitor, make sure to experience the excitement and camaraderie that these popular car events, car shows, and off-roading experiences in Texas have to offer. The Lone Star State welcomes car lovers with open arms and endless opportunities to indulge in their automotive passions.

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