When do you need to hire a motor vehicle accident lawyer

With so many motor vehicles in this world, it is no wonder there are hundreds of thousands of accidents every single day. Just in the United States in 2010, there were 5.5 million crashes in just one year. In other words, an average of more than 15,000 accidents every day. This means that you always have to be careful and ready that anything might happen while you are out driving on the road. But, even when you are most aware, awake, and focused, a collision can happen which is why you might need to hire a motor vehicle accident lawyer.

However, not every situation requires you to hire an attorney. Sometimes, the person at fault will admit to their mistake and will willingly provide you with their information and the information about their insurance company. Once you exchange this information, the insurance company will pay you back the full amount for the repairs of your vehicle any injuries you have endured.

Unfortunately, most of the time, these situations end up quite differently. Usually, the person at fault is not willing to admit their mistake which leads to a lot of complications. If you have found yourself in such a complication, it is best to hire a lawyer.

To ensure that you will not be wasting your money on an attorney, I decided to write this article which will tell you when it is the best situation to hire professional legal help.

You are being blamed for someone else’s mistake

This is probably one of the most common situations you can end up and after a vehicle collision. This happens when the person at fault causes the accident and wants to turn the blame to someone else. Unfortunately for you, you end up being that person that takes the blame. Obviously, you will want to defend yourself because you have done nothing wrong.

However, instead of just trying to turn the blame back to the person at fault, maybe it is time to get some professional legal help. An attorney has had experience with thousands of similar situations just like yours. They are the ones that have the power to convince the person at fault to admit their mistake.

If you do this, you will skip the entire process of arguing with insurance companies and even suing in court. Although, they will not always succeed at that which means the entire process will continue until it is properly resolved.

For insurance company negotiations

The entire purpose of insurance companies is not to pay you back, but to try and pay you as little as they can. They also have experience with all kinds of different accidents and they are always ready to ask you the wrong questions and give you the right answers.

So, if you have been invited to negotiate with an insurance company, I would suggest that you avoid going alone. Everything that you say, could be used against you. This is not something that you want to do. Not only can they reduce the amount of compensation they owe you, but they could also even turn the blame against you.

Since you have no experience with these situations, it is best to call for a lawyer before you go negotiate. The lawyer will either answer for you or will provide you with all the right answers. He or she will also know how to ask all the right questions. Just make sure you find a company that will manage your case with lawyers instead of paralegals as suggested by Foyle Legal Lawyers.

The compensation is too small

If you have already gone through the insurance company negotiation process, you should be expecting compensation in a few weeks or months. Keep in mind, this complicated process can sometimes even take several months. So, it is best that you stay patient.

Once the compensation is delivered to you, make sure to count the amount of money you got immediately. If this money cannot cover the repairs of your vehicle or the medical bills after your injuries from the car crash, you should definitely call a lawyer. For some reason, the insurance decided not to pay you out in full.

If you go to the company to decide to argue by yourself, you will get nowhere. They will just tell you that you have already got your compensation and that you have no right to argue. But, believe me, you do. However, you do have the power to argue only when you have a legitimate an experienced lawyer to support you.

You have not received your compensation after a long time

On some rare occasions, insurance companies will not inform you about their decision about your case. This is unacceptable, but it does happen. You are left thinking that you are going to get your compensation while instead, they have decided against your case.

I would not suggest bothering them too much by calling or visiting their offices. Remember, everything you say could be used against your case. It is best to leave everything to a professional. A motor vehicle accident attorney is your best bet for such a situation. They can easily convince the insurance company to compensate. Usually, these companies do not want to go to court while an attorney will always be ready to push that far.

You end up with a lot of paperwork

So, you have gone through the negotiation and the insurance company is willing to compensate you, but they provide you with a lot of paperwork. They do this because they expect a regular citizen, inexperienced with these types of cases to make a mistake. Once you make a mistake, they will turn that against you.

Again, to save yourself from making any kind of mistake, a motor vehicle accident lawyer is the answer. An attorney will take that paperwork off your hands and will ensure that everything will be done correctly.

After reading through this article, I hope you realize in which situations you should consider hiring a lawyer to help you with your case. It is always best to be safe than sorry.

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