Iron Man Lamborghini Aventador

When you are a high-level superhero, you need to have appropriated vehicle. In the case of Iron Man, we can see this beauty, the Iron Man themed Lamborghini Aventador. Just being Aventador makes you special but this one is even better.

We can argue if the Iron Man would ever need a vehicle since that suit he has is pretty awesome but we are sure that if he ever wanted to have a car, he would choose this one. One of the extremely lucky owners of Roadster version decided to apply unique and very special paint job.

Why is this so interesting to us. Well, if you see this vehicle you will notice that it is a plain matte gray color on it, but the thing is that under its top layer we have something extraordinary. In normal conditions the Iron Man paint is well hidden under the base color and to reveal its true nature you will need to splash it with some water.

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We know that matte finish Lamborghini’s, and other supercars are nothing unusual. We saw many of those during our days, but when you add some water to the mix with this one, it will reveal its true colors. This is enough to make it completely different from any other Aventador.

We don’t know much about this process, but it surely looks crazy expensive. Then again, if you have enough money to afford supercar like this one you can spare few extra grand (maybe even a lot more for this paint job) for this effect. What is for sure we would love to have one of those and Iron Man might be in line to get one also.

Would you rather take this Lambo or the Iron Man suit?

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