Is this a $8.9 million Ferrari?

If you are a millionaire, then there is a handful of things that can make a great present for you or others. The 250 GT California Spider which is arguably one of Maranello’s most beautiful designs surely constitutes as one of those presents.

If you are wondering about the price, well, for a millionaire its petty change. The estimate of this car (when it reaches the auctioneer’s block) is somewhere between $8 million and $10 million, which is actually a hefty sum for anything on four wheels never mind how vintage it is. Since this is just an early shout, we do not have a lot of info on this care, except its price. The only available info regards the fact that this is a car from “Jack Castor” collection and it only had one owner since 1969.

The well-known fact about these models is that they tend to keep a very steep price with a tendency to climb as time passes. Just a few months ago a 1958 LWB Cali Spider went for $8.8 million which is remarkable and makes us believe that this one might easily reach mind twisting sum of $10 million. When numbers like these get thrown around, you naturally wonder what you get for your money. Well, except for the wonderful Scaglietti bodywork, you get a 3.0 L V12 with around 220 HP, a four-speed manual transmission, rear wheel drive and a live rear axle. If that is not to your liking, then consider next. Only 50 examples of the LWB Spiders were built, so if you actually buy one, you will getting into a very exclusive company as well.

When it goes on auction, the 250 GT California Spider will also be accompanied by some of the other lovely things like an original E30 M3 Cabriolet and a Ferrari Dino. Would give anything to see these three side by side. How about you?

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