How Mobile Medical Vehicles Are Changing The Health Industry?

One year ago we couldn’t even imagine that in January 2024 the world will be completely different, including the health system, as the most affected area from the pandemic that still is active around us. Soon it will be one year when the WHO declared a state of the pandemic, and that required immediate changes in then-known ways the hospitals and medical centers work. As the number of infected people was growing, the need for mobile medical vehicles was growing, because of the mobile teams who were doing tests, or needed to go to patients who were isolated at home, to check on them.

Some hospitals didn’t have an option to run these medical vehicles immediately, but surely they could buy or rent them as needed, but the problem is that it’s not always possible to find a reliable company for that. There were a lot of examples of unfair pricing by many services, using an unpleasant situation to make a profit. But, as you can see on, there are still services that are focused on integrity, speed, and quality, instead of pricing and making a profit in these hard times.

In the past, there were only a few examples of mobile medical teams who were visiting the patients who couldn’t go to the hospital for some reason. But, this pandemic taught us a lot of new things, including the importance of these teams, who need to have proper vehicles, big enough to let them take care of a patient, to check their blood, breathing, or perform a COVID-19 test. Surely, adapting to that can be challenging, but it’s not impossible to organize something like that, especially in the areas where the people don’t have access to hospitals or medical care center. Mobility is also a huge trend, and medicine and healthcare are not immune to those changes and new things they need to embrace, so they can offer more effective health service, no matter if it’s a pandemic or just a regular situation in the world.

A whole new experience for both the patients and medical staff

Sometimes, some people have limited access to healthcare centers, and they need to travel a lot, so they can get proper help. But, knowing that they can call a mobile team can be very helpful, and prevent them from a lot of stress and spending money. Sometimes, these teams are moving from one area to another, so they can cover more patients, following their needs. Usually, they come with a goal and purpose, for example measuring the BMI index, checking the sugar levels in the blood, performing a general examination of the patient, and so on. As we said, nowadays they are popular with their COVID-19 mobile labs, and the medical staff is taking samples right in the vehicle.

This is good because it prevents gathering in front of the hospitals and labs, because everyone who is suspect to be infected with the coronavirus can schedule an appointment by calling on the phone or online, and the team will arrive there.

The fact that proper care is more accessible to people is changing the whole industry. That means that doctors and trained staff should be comfortable with traveling shifts, and being a part of a mobile team. Also, it opens a lot of new job positions (of course, if the country is able to pay them). Private healthcare also has a lot of benefits, because their services are now closer to the patients in need.

Surely there are some disadvantages, that can easily be overcome when both sides become aware of all those benefits they have. This is why it’s important for the hospitals and medical centers to invest in proper vehicles, that can be used to reach the patients in a time of need.

How it affects the general healthcare system?

Sadly, in the world, there are still smaller societies, or minority groups, who don’t have access to healthcare. The mobile clinics are the answer to this problem. Maybe it’s not the best possible solution, knowing that it requires special conditions to treat a patient who has a more complicated issue, but sure it leads to more innovations and improving the whole system in general.

Mobile medicine vehicles exist for a long time, but this is their time to shine and show how useful they can be. Sadly, something like this pandemic needed to happen, so we can understand the importance. The healthcare systems and Ministries all around the world are now investing in these vehicles because many hospitals and labs don’t have the capacity to handle the tests and daily care about the patients. Mobile teams are all around us, and they work hard, so they can help every patient who is positive for coronavirus, but should stay at home.

It will bring a lot of improvements, and we all know how important is the fast and effective service, especially when we need to call an emergency team, while something bad is happening to someone we love.

The influence of the pandemic

As you could see, we mentioned the current pandemic a few times in this article. The sad and bad thing is that before it happened, people weren’t that aware of the importance of mobile medicine vehicles and the care and service they provide. But now, after almost a whole year, no one can deny that mobile teams are a very important chain in all this mess that is now happening.

Surely, the coronavirus changed a lot of things in the world, starting from the healthcare industry, including the pharmacies too, and then the eCommerce, the other industries including journalism, the bookstores, and so on.

It’s happening pretty often to see a medical vehicle around us nowadays, and we all know that something changed and became better because of the situation. It’s on us to protect ourselves as much as we can, and hope that the pandemic will end soon, now when the vaccines are available.

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