Non-Original Accessories for Cars – What to Pay Attention To

Every vehicle, no matter by which manufacturer, needs to be properly inspected every once in a while. It’s a concern that should be taken seriously. Ignoring this might lead to crucial problems when it comes to guaranteeing the passengers and drivers’ safety. For instance, wear parts like breaks and tires need to be replaced after a certain mileage. When you maintain your car you should make sure that you use original parts provided by the manufacturer, even if these come at a higher price. In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about the difference it can make.

Car parts that are not part of the original equipment are not produced by the manufacturer and are not approved by him. In this consequence, there are some disadvantages if these are installed or connected.

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As a non-integral component, these parts are not tested by the manufacturer in combination with the vehicle, which excludes them from the vehicle warranty. Also, the quality and safety of the installed parts are often poor.

This particularly important when a vehicle is given for repair after an accident. Often in these cases, parts are installed that have not been approved by the manufacturer. However, this does not only mean that the manufacturer’s warranty for this component is lost. The installation of non-original parts also reduces the resale value of the vehicle.

In many cases, the so-called replacement market spare-parts are used for repairs. These are parts for the vehicle that is often almost identical in construction to the original parts. A distinction must be made between these spare parts, whether they are direct spare parts or not. If this is the case, the warranty on the vehicle or spare part does not expire in most cases.

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The reason for this is that these parts are designed in such a way that they function in the same way or sometimes even better. So if you need to repair your car, you should check with your garage to see which parts are being fitted by the mechanic.

If you want to play it safe completely, you should insist on the use of original parts at the workshop. This makes sense especially with high-quality cars such as Mercedes, BMW or similar. Since these cars often reach high resale values, it is worth playing it safe in many cases.

Also, the broken parts are replaced by original parts, and you can be sure that the car will function properly again. After all, the car was produced with the same component.

To be completely sure that the right part is used, it is worth taking a look at the manufacturers’ parts catalogs. For example, the Mercedes Benz parts catalog provides information and can make it easier for garages to order the component. This should be taken into account especially for expensive cars such as an AMG. For more information on the topic, you can visit

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