The Ultimate Guide to Ford Maintenance

As a proud owner of a Ford car, whether a ford excursion, expedition, explorer, F-150, or ranger, your goal is to take the best care of your vehicle to ensure it offers you maximum value. One of the ways to ensure that your ford remains in top condition is by buying genuine parts whenever you are servicing or making repairs.

When your ford suddenly breaks down, it can be a nightmare no one ever wishes to endure. And when you visit a professional mechanic, and they tell you that you need to replace one or more parts, your nightmare could even be worse, especially if you are unfamiliar with this trade.

This guide explores ford maintenance and servicing. It covers the importance of buying genuine ford parts, how to source them, and the questions you should ask when evaluating a ford parts dealer.

Crucial considerations when sourcing ford parts

Before sourcing spare parts for your ford car, there are several things you need to know. Ensure you know the make, model, year, and VIN of your ford car. If you don’t have these details, the team at may find it challenging to assist you. But luckily, they can help you find out the rest of the details as long as you know the model of your Ford car.

When buying spare parts for your ford, always ensure that the dealer cleans and tests the part before installing it in your ford car. That way, you can be free of any inconveniences with parts that do not work or are not perfect for your vehicle.

When to buy new and used ford parts

All the parts in your ford car are exposed to wear and tear over time, but some deteriorate faster. Ford parts that wear out more quickly cannot be used as replacements for other cars due to safety reasons. They include brake parts, airbags, electronic sensors that track system problems, and safety belts.

There are several cases when a used ford part can be helpful, especially when your dealer says it could take time before the special parts they have ordered arrive. Refurbished parts can also save you some bucks on car servicing if you don’t have the money to buy new ones. However, you should buy them from a reputable supplier to avoid being duped.

Benefits and risks of using used parts on your ford

Of course, there are benefits and risks involved when you use old ford parts. You can get high-quality used ford parts at a fraction of the cost of getting a new one. It also saves you more time because you don’t have to wait for a certain period for the parts to arrive after placing an order.

On the other hand, using used ford parts puts your safety at risk because you don’t know how safe the parts are when installed in your car. Secondly, you run the risk of being duped by buying a second-hand car part that is not worth it, and you lose your money.

Reasons to order genuine ford parts

There are many reasons you should always use a trusted ford dealership to replace your ford parts.

Premium quality parts

A car manufacturer knows the parts needed to keep a car running, and they always manufacture them according to the car’s specifications. All the car parts from ford are designed to fit perfectly into the vehicle they belong to. Furthermore, the brand sells premium, high-quality parts to protect its reputation and customers, giving you reliability assurance. In contrast, second-hand parts may be compromised in terms of quality, and you cannot be sure about the value of what you are buying.

Prevent further car damage

You are replacing a specific car part because it is compromising its safety. While used car parts are cheaper to buy, they may compromise your car and cause other problems. Therefore it is best to source genuine ford parts from a reputable dealer to prevent further car damage, and that saves you more money and time in the long run.

Protect your warranty

Using ford parts that the manufacturer disapproves can compromise your ar warranty. The dealership may argue that the replacement impacted the performance of other parts. Therefore using genuine parts can save you unexpected repair costs and protect your car warranty.

Ford maintenance tips

Here are some ford maintenance tips that can go a long way in protecting your car from unexpected breakdowns and repairs.

Regular oil change

Although it seems obvious, many car owners ignore oil changes until too late. Ideally, it is advisable to change the oil every 3000miles even if your car can go longer. Alternatively, check your car owner’s manual for the recommended oil change mileage and stick to it.

Change the transmission fluid

For many ford cars, the transmission fluid requires a change every 150,000miles. It is similar to a regular oil change, but you don’t have to do it as often. Note that your ford mechanic may recommend a transmission fluid change depending on the condition of your car.

Diagnose dashboard warning lights

Any warning lights on your dashboard mean something, and you should take it seriously. Always watch out for the check engine light, brake warning light, and airbag light. If you suspect anything on your car like strange sounds, immediately bring in a ford technician.

Rotate the tires

Ford experts recommend a tire rotation every 5000-8000miles. Tire maintenance ensures that your ride is comfortable, has easy steering handling, and prolongs your car’s life. Also, ensure you use the correct tires depending on the weather conditions.

Maintain a record

You may need a reminder on when to change your car oil, transmission fluid, tire rotation, and other car maintenance practices. It is advisable to keep a record and update it every time your car gets serviced.

The takeaway

Maintaining your ford in good condition goes a long way in protecting your investment. Always ensure you buy good quality ford parts and keep up with routine car servicing.

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