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How to Repair Windshield Cracks

There are many things that the average man or woman can do as a DIY project without much of an issue. Fixing a sink or putting in a new toilet, for instance, are relatively straightforward tasks that don’t require a lot of skill. Painting, doing landscaping work, cleaning the carpet, and all sorts of other things that you can hire out to do are also quick and easy to do as a DIY project. It’s all about having the time. Some things, however, don’t make very good do-it-yourself ventures. Repairing cracks in your windshield, for example, is something that is best left up to the professionals.

There are products you can purchase at your local big-box or automotive store that seal windshield cracks, but this isn’t like gluing a lamp back together after you’ve broken it. Your windshield isn’t just sitting there to be admired; it’s at the forefront of your automobile and is dealing with a lot of force, pressure and debris every time you drive. A DIY fix can get worse, and you’ll likely end up needing an outright windshield replacement. Let’s talk about the best way to repair those windshield cracks.

The Best Way to Get Cracks in Your Windshield Repaired

Automobile special workers glazier replacing windscreen windshield of car in street or work place

The best thing you can possibly do if you have cracks in your windshield that need to be repaired is to contact a service like Allowing the professionals to handle this sort of job for you is a far better way to go about getting those repairs. It’s not so much that a DIY windshield job won’t work; it’s more that your windshield is far too important for a quick DIY fix. This is something that you want to ensure is entirely safe and secure.

DIY fixes are possible, however. Here are a few days to do this yourself.

3 Ways to Repair Windshield Cracks Yourself

Later on, we’re going to tell you exactly why you should only trust the professionals to do this job. However, if the service is busy, or if you’re absolutely insistent on fixing the problem yourself, there are a few different ways you can repair these cracks in your windshield as a DIY project. So, let’s go over a few that might come in handy for you.

1: Check Out a Tutorial

Social media sites like Facebook and YouTube, and Vimeo are great for things like these because so many people who do this sort of DIY job record it and post it to help others. So, for instance, you should easily be able to find a video on social media that offers you a step-by-step tutorial to fix those windshield cracks. Best of all, you can watch them do it and actually follow along with the process so that you know the job is getting done the right way.

2: Buy a Repair Kit

There are all sorts of automotive stores that are mainstream now and typically available in every little city strip mall and on a lot of different corners. You can find all sorts of things in these stores, from air filters and tires and oil to things like windshield repair kits. Used in conjunction with the first tip here, listed above, you should be able to do a pretty decent job. Just make sure you have enough time carved out to get it done right.

3: Replace the Entire Windshield

The cracks might be too much for a simple kit or a DIY tutorial video to solve. You might have some serious cracks along the entire face of the windshield, and thus you’re likely going to need to replace it. This can be done DIY, but you’ll likely have to buy specialty tools and also the exact size windshield. Yes, you can do it, but as you’ll read about below, it’s much better for you if you allow the pros to handle the job.

4 Reasons to Go with a Trusted Service

Man repairing and replacing the glass on a car.

1: DIY Can be Expensive and Complicated

The first reason to go with the pros for a windshield fix is that things might be a bit more expensive and complicated than you’re prepared for. For instance, let’s say you get a kit to fix cracks, but you end up making the cracks work or find that they have spread by the time you get around to fixing it. This might mean that you need an outright windshield replacement, and this is something you’re likely unequipped to do. So, it’s simply best to call the pros to fix the cracks, to begin with.

2: The Job Might Not be Done Right

What happens if you do the job yourself, but it’s not done correctly? There are millions of stories of people who tried to put in that new sink as a DIY project, and they got finished, and it even looked great, only to find it sprayed water everywhere when they turned it on. As this relates to your windshield, you definitely don’t want to be driving during a heavy storm or in a lot of traffic and have the glass fail because you didn’t fix it right. This isn’t an issue with the pros.

3: You Can Get Mobile Services

One very cool thing about the best windshield services around you is that they will come to you. You will not have to drive or have your car towed into their shop. You can find a mobile service that will show up and do the work right in your driveway, or maybe even in a parking lot somewhere. As long as you’re in the relative area of service, the pros will show up and fix your cracks or replace the glass entirely.

4: Quick, Easy and Painless

Professional services are also quicker, easier and a lot more convenient for you. You can have them stop by when you’re at work. You can have them do the job at any time, which is great because you might not have the time to even attempt the repairs yourself. The convenience of a pro service cannot be overstated. The pros are also very quick at what they do, getting in and out in a hurry.

Always remember that there’s a quality professional service near you when you need to have your windshield repaired or replaced.

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