Rolls-Royce Travel Bags

Rolls-Royce travel bags

These suitcases are made of carbon fiber base and hand-stitched leather. On top of that, it brings magnetic fastenings, and everything has been tested for optimum ergonomics.

Do you want Rolls-Royce travel bags?

When you purchase the Rolls-Royce Wraith, a prominent British carmaker will offer you one addition. In fact, six additions and six suitcases. They are fully compliant with the luxury and design of Wraith. Such is their price, insane, $46,000 or 28,984 euros. However, if you had money for Wraith then probably you can buy these suitcases.

Rolls-Royce travel bags

Even with this amount of hard work is this too much? We don’t doubt that these are premium bags, but it is interesting that these will not be carried by owners. If you have that amount of money you will not carry your luggage, it’s simple as that.

Rolls-Royce travel bags

Everything has been designed with the help of butlers from high-class hotels all over the world since they will be handling these most of the time.

They are made of carbon fiber and carefully tested in order to have optimal ergonomics. Each of the six bags decorated with the badge of ‘Spirit of Ecstasy‘.


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