What Is The Safest Method For Towing A Car?

Towing is pulling or moving a car with the help of another vehicle or a tow bar. This is sometimes done to remove vehicles illegally parked by the person. You may have witnessed trucks towing vehicles and carrying them to the nearby police station.

Also, pulling a vehicle can be dangerous if not done correctly. You must ensure the car doesn’t slide down using a rope or inclined plane. If the car being towed gets disconnected, it could lead to significant accidents on the road. Towing can save people in emergency situations when your vehicle is stuck, and you have tried all the possible options.

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With a vast population comes the need for a service that rescues your vehicle during an emergency. What if your car breaks down? Or has someone illegally parked their vehicle in your house lane? In such a case, you can always dial up services from towing website like that offer towing in Sacramento. They offer safe towing services for light and heavy vehicles. Also, you can send in your vehicle for maintenance.

Towing a car isn’t an easy job that can be done by any amateur. It requires someone professional, especially for long distances. Below-mentioned is some safe methods for pulling a vehicle.

Towing With Dolly

a) Precautions

The foremost step is ensuring that the tow vehicle is effectively heavier than the other vehicle so it can carry the car’s weight. There shouldn’t be any hindrance while pulling the car and moving the tow vehicle. It’s also essential to ensure that there’s nothing inside the vehicle so that there can be a smooth flow of towing the car.

A passenger sitting inside a car being towed is highly unacceptable as it’s dangerous. If you’re pulling a vehicle at night, turn on the vehicle’s parking lights, which will indicate to the drivers towing behind it. A tow dolly is one of the standards and effective methods of pulling a car.

b) Application

It’s also known as a small trailer because it keeps the front tires of the towed vehicle up and off the lower ground. It ensures fewer chances of tire damage while pulling the car. The dolly connects to the back of the towing vehicle like an RV or truck with a regular trailer. Your car drives up on the dolly, and the back tires spin on the standard trailer.

The other thing to remember during this process is that the towed vehicle should be kept in a neutral position so that the tires can rotate freely and not feel disconnected from the driveline. A process like towing shouldn’t be hindered by any obstacle otherwise may lead to accidents.

Towing With Tow Bar


A great saver if your vehicle breaks down or there’s no fuel and petrol pump nearby. You can carry a tow bar so that any other vehicle can instantly provide help if traveling in the same lane. Instead of buying a tow bar for car-to-car hauling, you have the liberty to rent one.

The application is relatively easy as you need to connect the vehicle through a rear-mounted hitch. You have to ensure that there are safety cables while using the tow bar. Also, don’t put sudden brakes; everything should happen steadily, turning or putting brakes.

In this pulling application, all four vehicle tires remain on the ground, and the car’s driveshift should be disconnected. Transmission damage can be avoided if you follow all the instructions carefully. Drill holes on the front of the car so that the brackets are placed well, and then, using a wiring system, connect the vehicle’s lighting system.

If the process is a little hectic, you can ask for someone’s help or dial an online service number to get out of the problem quickly. Remember to fasten the chains properly to avoid the car getting disconnected at a later stage.

Towing With Trailer

You can’t think of a better option than using a trailer. It’s one of the best possible measures for pulling your car in a sudden unexpected situation. Also, an open or closed hauling trailer is safe because all four car tires rest on the trailer.

There’s no scope for damage or danger in this process. Just ensure the vehicle being used to tow the car is a heavy vehicle that carries the trailer’s and car’s weight. One excellent option is flatbed trailers that allow the vehicle to load up on the trailer and move in a stable way.

Trailers are great for long-distance journeys as they ensure safety and avoid mishaps. No free spin wheels are moving on the road, and the flatbed reduces gravitational pull, which one might face in the case of an inclined plane.

Towing With Chain

The last option should be using a chain to tow a car since it’s dangerous and requires a lot of precautions. Using a chain isn’t the best option for highways or long distances. You can use a chain for short distances, though. Also, use just the perfect size of rope, neither large nor small, to avoid bumping the car into the vehicle and pulling the car.

On application of sudden brakes, there’s a high chance of collision. So, drive safely and only if you are well-acquainted with the process. Keep this as your last option. Try connecting with a mechanic to guide you in case of an emergency.


Breaking down or the fuel going empty in a car is a regular event in a person’s course of journey. Also, someone may have an illegally parked car in your lane or in front of your house. Ensure you know the methods and services near you to avoid or solve such problems.

The safest method to tow a car is using a trailer as it avoids any kind of accidents. You can contact an online towing service or a mechanic. Moreover, in an emergency, try going for a dolly or tow bar, as these types of equipment are helpful and safe.

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