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How to Keep Your Car Running: 10 Simple Repairs Everyone Should Know

Do you know how to change your car tire? Are you able to jump start your car when the battery dies? These are just some of the essential skills that every driver should have to keep their car running. In this article, we will chat about the ten simple repairs everyone should know.

1. Changing your engine oil

If you don’t change your oil regularly, it can cause harmful deposits to build up in the engine and clog vital parts.

That is why the first thing that people should know about keeping their car running? Changing oil! Suppose you do not perform this simple maintenance task regularly (approximately every 3000-5000 miles). In that case, they will have built up harmful deposits in the engine, which could potentially lead to major issues with the functionality of various components. It always worth understanding how to do this, including changing the air filter, spark plugs, but sometimes you will want to leave this to the professionals and going to a local garage, like sm engineers who are a garage based in Tonbridge.

2. Changing a flat tire

If your car ever gets a flat tire, you will need to know how to change it. This is important because if the tire pops and leaves you stranded on the side of the road, you could get into an accident or be at risk of getting robbed. The second thing that people should know about keeping their cars running is changing tires! Suppose they are unfortunate enough to experience a blow out (where air pressure sends all of their spare rubber flyings). In that case, they’ll have no choice but to learn this tricky task as soon as possible in order not to become stuck anywhere isolated without assistance.

3. Changing your cars spark plugs

If you decide to change your oil, you might as well do a few other things while you’re at it. Spark plugs should be changed every 80,000 miles or so because they wear down and can cause rough idling, poor fuel economy (think of all the gas we could save), or even spontaneous engine failure when they are worn out enough.

4. Removing scratches from paint

Looking after your car, or even when it comes to selling your car, repairing little scratches can make a big difference. Some peopleĀ  have been known to put clear nail polish over scratches to hide them, but this is usually just hiding the problem, and it doesn’t last for very long anyway. So we would recommend getting a paint pen from the main dealer, these will match your paint and will look perfect

5. Changing a car battery

A car battery will never last forever, and for that reason, there is a simple way to tell if your battery needs replacing. Check the cables and see if they are loose, corroded or cracked. There might be something wrong with them that will need sorting out before you change the car battery. The signs of a battery dying in the car struggling to start, a clicking noise when you try and turn the key on. Go to your bonnet today and check what tools you need to change the battery and get them in. This way, the day it comes and it will, you then know you have the tools to do the job.

6. Replacing a headlight and taillight bulbs

This is a pretty easy job, something you can do on your own with the right tools. Most of the time, you will need to remove the screws around each light and then carefully pull them out to break before replacing them. Take care not to touch or damage any of the wires when pulling these lights out, as this could cause a little electric shock or electrocution, which could kill you instantly. Once removed, replace it with a new one and tighten everything up nice and tightly, just like how it was before being removed from the car for good measure if needed too!

7. Replacing wipers blades

Replacing the wiper blades will vary, but it is usually pretty easy to do. You can find out the best way by following your car’s instructions, or if you have a manual, then this will be in there too!

8. Replacing air filters

This is a simple but important job to do if you want your vehicle running smoothly and quietly. Every car is different, but normally the air filter will be found in the engine bay and requires nothing more than a simple but essential screwdriver to remove it.

It’s important you replace this when needed as if neglected, then eventually dirt or leaves could find their way inside your vehicle, which would damage your car.

9. Jumpstarting a car

This one can save you so much time and hassle!

If you find your car’s battery is dead when starting the engine, then it could be jumpstarted. This process works by connecting one end of a long cable to the positive terminal on your vehicle whilst attaching an opposing clamp to the other end for it to connect onto another working car with a charged/working battery. The second car needs to be left running as this will power up both cars once they are connected via their cables.

Jumpstarting can vary depending on what kind of battery your vehicle uses – for example, some diesel engines require more than one try before starting. In contrast, petrol vehicles might not need any at all!

10. Towing your car

This is one you only want to do if safe to do so. The process involves attaching your car to the back of another vehicle and then driving it to a safe location. Be sure that you have checked for any signs of damage in your engine and if the other tow truck is capable of doing this safely without causing further harm.

You should always try jumping first before resorting to being towed – but sometimes jumpstarting might not work! This is one you will only want to do if it’s safe. If you can do it safely, then it’s time to get the professionals in.

In this article, we have covered ten simple repairs everyone should know. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can do for your car in case of an emergency or if something goes wrong on the road. so hopefully you have learn’t how to better take care of your car and keep it running smoothly no matter where life takes you. Knowledge is power- don’t let yourself be caught without it!

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