The Best Choice: Spray In Bedliner Vs. Drop-In Bedliner Comparison

Buyers that consider pick-up trucks usually choose that vehicle due to its durability and hauling capabilities. Thus, it is only natural they will spray on a bedliner for the vehicle’s sake as well as the cargo, but what is a bedliner? According to this link, it is a product sprayed on the back of the truck. It has skid and damage-resistance from the elements and the cargo itself.

Some may say this is entirely unnecessary or a luxury, but it is not just to make the back of your truck look fancy, but it can also protect your belongings and the state your vehicle is in. Most brand-new truck owners opt to get a Bedliner to maintain the state of their car, as it adds to the truck’s durability. Others use it even on their second-hand automobiles for the sole purpose of not wanting to worry about the contents they usually put out back.

This article will discuss which could be the best choice for the bedliner for your newly bought car or newly maintained car. Remember that bedliners protect the back of your pickup truck from being dented or scratched. We will be elaborating the pros and cons of choosing either the “drop-in” or the “spray-in.” Read on so you can be guided which is a fit for your truck.

We discuss first what are the differences between the two.

Spray-in Bedliner


There are a lot of terms that are being used in the industry – “sprayed-in”, “sprayed-on”, “spray-on”, and the most commonly used one is “spray-in”. It comes in different process and formulation methods such as low or high pressure, aliphatic or aromatic, polyurethane or polyurea, or solvent or hybrid base. The initial surface preparation done on the bed shows its performance.

It is advisable to use the bed liner color matching the car taking into consideration the physical aspect. Like the painting of your house, it is inevitable that the color fades in time.

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Drop-in Bedliner

It is also called a plastic Bedliner (polyethylene composite) and can be installed rather speedily without significant modification made to the bed of the truck. Mostly it is just drilling small holes in main areas to hold it in place.

Spray-in Bedliner Pros and Cons


  • Professionally applied – This type of bedliner is usually applied with a professional to bring about its optimal use. A spray in bedliner applied by someone who is expertly trained will look aesthetically pleasing in comparison to a DIY attempt.
  • Versatile – This type of lining can be applied anywhere on your truck if you choose, given the area is adequately prepped beforehand.
  • More Efficient – Ultimately, the quality of a spray-in bedliner is better than its counterpart. You’ll know if the product the company used is of low quality when the spray begins to fade in appearance or lose its anti-skid weeks or months later.


  • Fleeting Appearance- One thing to consider about this product is its susceptibility to fading over time, especially with its constant exposure to UV rays. A product with UV ray-resistance is preferred in this situation.
  • Warranty No More – The process of applying spray-in bedliner on your truck invalidates any guarantee because it ultimately removes the existing factory paint your vehicle has. This is an important thing to remember, especially for those who only recently bought their trucks.
  • Costly – Applying this on the back of your truck isn’t as cheap as some make it seem to be. It’s expensive due to its nature of needing professionals for its application and the quality of the product as well. If you don’t have much to spare, consider this type as a pass.

Drop-in Bedliner Pros and Cons


  • Cheaper Alternative – Compared to its counterpart, these types are cheaper, even if compared with the custom-fit ones! If you’re tight on money but still want to have cargo, Drop-ins can be the perfect temporary—or even permanent—solution.
  • Easy To Install – Because of its nature, there is no need for a professional to install it. This means you can DIY it in any of its forms, and ultimately adds to the first advantage’s charm. Because there are no extra fees for a professional to install it, your overall spending become smaller.
  • Easy To Replace And Remove – Because of their simplicity, drop-in bedliners are easy to remove as they are to install. Unlike spray-ins that need another trip to the experts for removal, you can easily buy another this type, replace your old one, and go about your day.


  • Reservoir for Moisture -. Whenever the weather is bad, and water tends to get trapped under the bedliner, mold, and other unwanted bacteria begin to grow and ultimately cause hazards and long-term problems for you. Thus, this needs proper, daily cleaning.
  • Low Quality – As mentioned above, spray-ins are more superior in durability due to their material. Drop-ins are made of plastic, while its counterpart’s materials are of Polyurethane, used mainly for foams and coatings. It’s been one of the most long-time used materials for electronics, buildings, constructions, and automotive.
  • Possibility Of Slipping – Unlike the one above, this type offers no skid-resistance and only focuses on protecting your vehicle. This becomes undesirable for those who want their materials in the back, safe, and secure in their place.
  • Noisy – Because some universally-fitted bedliners don’t exactly fit right, it can cause a lot of noise in the back, which can prove to be both annoying and alarming. If you want peace and quiet in your long rides, this drop-in bedliner is not for you.

You now know the pros and cons between the two and we hope these were helpful when you choose the best one for your vehicle. Remember that your pick-up trucks are designed to haul small to medium cargos and so it is best to choose the professionally applied.

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