Stay aware of these road traffic signs

Getting your driver’s license is a huge achievement. Not only does it mean you’re legal and competent to drive but it also gives you an incredible sense of freedom and independence. Passing your test is a huge milestone and the best way to become a more practiced and experienced driver is to get out on the road as much as possible. 

Driving on your own for the first time without the guidance and assurance of an instructor or a friend or family member can be very daunting. There’s a lot to remember, like changing gear and keeping an eye out for hazards while taking in all the vital information being communicated around you like school crossing markers and everything the other road signs are telling you, more information here. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry, stay aware of these road traffic signs and you’re sure to build your confidence pretty quickly. 

Stop signs


The most iconic of all signs and thankfully the most recognizable too. You’ll notice the octagon shape, bright red color, and bold white writing. No other sign is like this, so once you stop the shape and, you’ll know exactly what to do. 

Speed limit signs


Speed limit signs are pretty self-explanatory, but you need to keep an eye out for these, so you know what the limit is of the particular area you’re traveling through. Depending on the state you’re driving through, most highway speed limit signs will read 55mph. In residential areas, you might not notice a speed limit sign, this is because as a driver who has passed their test and exams you should already be aware that the speed limit will be 25mph.

Signs for pedestrians


This could be a pedestrian crossing or a sign informing you of a school you’re approaching or an area where elderly people are likely to be crossing the street. These signs will be yellow in color and they indicate that you should be exercising caution as you enter this area. In other words, slow down.

No U-turn


Spotting this sign means that you cannot change the direction that your vehicle is traveling in for the moment. You must continue along your route until you can turn around safely without risking the safety of yourself and other motorists. 

Men at work

Construction site and men at work signs are always in orange. This is because it stands out and will catch your eye easily. This sign means you need to be cautious, pay attention and partake in exceptionally safe driving. You’ll also need to look out for other orange signs that could indicate a detour and other instructions you need to follow.



The sign for a railroad is a circular sign with an X inside. There might also be flashing lights and an alarm to warn you of an oncoming train, but exercise caution when you see the sign and slow down. 

Parking signs


These come in various shapes and sizes, with various instructions on them. But it’s important to look out for the instructions they give if you want to avoid a ticket or parking dangerously. Look out for no parking signs and handicapped signs too. 

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