6 Must-Have Tools for your Trucking Business in 2020

No matter how big or small your trucking business is it is there are some tools that you will need to have in order to improve the business and the safety of the workers as well as the state of the vehicles that are being driven. With these must-haves, the business will work smoothly and you will have incomes that are increasing. In order to assist you in the quest for the perfect tools to use, we have made research and present you with the ones that are a must.

1. Routing device

Any type of routing device may be of use when it comes to making routes for the trucks to go. If you are doing this by hand it will lift a lot of burden from your hands, and of your mind. This is because the techniques used by these sorts of devices are so sophisticated that they are able to track all the changes on the road, such as closed roads due to accidents or constructions, and make the adjustments as it goes. So-called dynamic routers will be able to use GPS to track the vehicle and navigate it to the goal by using the easiest route there is. By doing so there is an increase in productivity and the speed by which the job is being done. Also, there is an increase in business due to a decrease in the time vehicles spend on the road, since routing devices will prevent them from wasting time in traffic jams.

2. Camera

A set of cameras may assist the driver in parking and overseeing the parts of the vehicle that cannot be seen using review mirrors. The camera that is being put on the windshield will show the road and record what is going on. If it happens that there is some traffic accident the camera will record it and it will be fairly easy to prove who is guilty. This is especially important when it comes to insurance companies and refunding from them in any sense. In addition, this may serve as evidence in court. Cameras that can be out on the sides and the back of the truck will increase the range of visibility of the driver and assist them in squeezing in tight places when then need to load and unload the truck, as well as when they need to find a parking place. In addition, this can serve as a security measure if someone is trying to break into the truck.

3. ELD

This kind of monitoring of the vehicle and the drivers may seem like too much of a control, but when it comes to the safety of the drives nothing is too much. The system that is being monitored at all times and shows possible malfunctions of the vehicle, as well as violations of time-driven the vehicle, will prevent and lower down the possibility of any on-road accidents since the one driving will be notified about it and make needed adjustments in order to stay safe. It is a must to invest in this if you have a business that is doing trucking, and no matter which type of trucking there is you will need it. Learn more about the whole system if you are interested in investing in it.

4. Collision prevention tech

This is something that is new on the market and it can be of assistance to the drivers, especially if they are driving for a longer period of time on the road that tends to be boring such as highway or interstate. It can happen that due to monotony of the road ahead and tiredness the driver loses focus and even dozes off for short periods of time. In order to prevent any accidents from happening; this collision technology will inform the driver of possible collisions by making loud sounds and it is known to be connected to the breaks, so if the driver does not react it will hit the brakes slowing down the truck and preventing or at least minimizing the damage. Collision prevention is essential and it will protect human lives as well as the vehicle. This will make the drives be more perceptive about their surroundings and make the drive safer.

5. Toolbox

Even though most trucks will now go to the service station at any sign of malfunction, a simple toolbox is always a must. A toolbox contains all that it takes to make small fixes and adjustments in case something happens and you need to get to the place where the truck can be checked and fixed. It is important not to fix the things on your own if the company policy is such that the professional should be waited and used to make the necessary fixes.

6. First aid kit


Even though this is an obligatory part of every vehicle, we do need to state the importance of having a first aid kit in the truck in case of an emergency. This does not mean just for car crashes, but it can also be of use if something else happens, this can be spilling of hot coffee on some body part, or small cut while cutting the food you are eating, no matter what has happened it is smart to have a kit by drivers side. In addition to this, an epi pan can be added to this is you know that drivers are prone to severe allergic reactions.


As you can see, there are a few very important things that any vehicle in your driving park must-have. They are all there to ease the job and keep the vehicle and the ones in it safe. Routing and GPS devices are important in making real-time adjustments of the route, avoiding traffic jams and increasing productivity, ELD will help you monitor all of the parameters closely and make sure that all is in order. It might be wise to invest in cameras and collision prevention systems in order to decrease the likelihood of those occurring. Always have your trucks equipped with the small toolbox and first aid kits.

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