Types of Van to use in your Business

Curtain Side Vans

Every business relies on delivering and carrying goods across the country. There are many different vehicle types you could use, each with its own features and benefits.

Here are the top 3 types of van to use in your business:

Curtain Side Vans

Curtain Side Vans

Curtain side vans have been designed for quick and easy delivery, no matter where you are. They have wide-opening, full-height rear doors and heavy-duty PVC curtains.

Curtains are featured on both sides of the van and when fixed, provide a taut and weatherproof side. This keeps your goods safe and dry throughout the whole journey.

Benefits of Curtain Side Vans

Easy Loading and Unloading – Being able to quickly move the curtain sides of the van means a forklift can easily move the goods from any point along the length of the truck. This means you don’t have to worry about loading cargo in a particular order, saving time before you set off for deliveries.

Easy Access – Curtain sider vans are ideal for deliveries around towns and busy areas. With moveable sides, they provide quick and easy access to any area of the trailer, great for quick deliveries or where you may have limited access around the van.

Flexible – Another major benefit of soft side trailers is that they allow you to accommodate different or awkwardly shaped goods. With flexible sides, they are far less restrictive than standard vans.

Luton Vans

Luton Vans

A Luton van, also known as a Luton box van, is a commercial vehicle specifically designed to transport heavy goods. They have a generous cargo space and a high payload capacity, making them an ideal choice for businesses needing something more substantial than a standard van.

They are widely known for having a high volume capacity relative to their weight, making them perfect for transporting heavy products and materials.

Benefits of Luton Vans

High Payload Capacity – No matter what you’re transporting, Luton vans are reliable when transporting particularly heavy goods, giving you peace of mind for a smooth journey. They can also be paired with a tail lift to aid loading.

Time and Cost Efficient  – Due to its large size, the Luton van can fit all different kinds of boxes and furniture with ease. This saves both time and money by reducing the number of trips needed to move storage from one location to another. Furthermore, you can also create a bespoke interior with shelving to organise your goods.

Additional Storage – A key identifiable factor of a Luton van is the additional storage seen above the driver and passenger seating. This provides an even bigger loading area and ensures you can make the most of your transport on every trip.

Dropside Vans

Dropside Vans

Dropside vans give incomparable ease when it comes to loading and unloading goods. The innovative design of unique low folding sides means the sides can drop below the deck’s depth. Not only does this make loading easier, but increases the longevity of your van from any potential forklift damage.

They have been specifically designed for heavy-duty tasks and can haul up to four pallets, making them ideal for any business wanting to optimise its logistics processes.

Benefits of Dropside Vans

Ideal for the construction industry – With their high payload capacity and adjustable sides, dropside vans are ideal for anyone in the construction industry. They are perfect for easily loading and unloading paving, bricks and pallets, but also keep the materials super secure in transit. They are also a great option to carry loose loads such as sand or soil.

Easy Access – Dropside vans have the ability to transform into an open flatbed body, enabling easy access. Due to the sides lowering below the deck level, they make manual or forklift loading a breeze. Their drop side design is also intended to prevent damage from loading and unloading, particularly where a forklift is used.

Secure – Dropside vans are built to be strong and durable. They can also be fitted with a range of anchor points to prevent items from moving around in transit. The positioning of these is flexible to suit your transportation needs, making this type of van an adaptable and flexible choice for your business.

Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Impact

Selecting the right van for your business isn’t just about capacity and utility; it’s also crucial to consider the environmental footprint and fuel efficiency of your fleet. Curtain Side, Luton, and Dropside vans each have distinct designs that influence their fuel consumption patterns. For instance, the aerodynamic design of a Luton van might offer better fuel efficiency compared to the broader, less streamlined Dropside van. Additionally, as businesses increasingly aim to reduce their carbon emissions, understanding the environmental impact of these vehicles becomes paramount. Manufacturers are progressively introducing eco-friendly models with cleaner engines, hybrid systems, or even fully electric options, providing businesses an opportunity to align their operations with sustainability goals.

Total Cost of Ownership and Operational Expenses

Van for business

When investing in a van for your business, the initial purchase price is just the tip of the iceberg. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) encompasses various factors including maintenance, repairs, insurance, fuel consumption, and depreciation. For example, while a Dropside van may be more affordable upfront, its operational costs could be higher due to its heavy-duty nature and potential for more frequent repairs. Conversely, a Luton van, though potentially more expensive initially, might offer lower long-term expenses due to its robust construction and higher resale value. Businesses must carefully evaluate these ongoing costs to make an informed decision that balances immediate needs with long-term financial sustainability.

As you can see there are so many different types of van to suit your business needs, each with its own uses and benefits. There are plenty to buy new or second-hand, or if you’re not quite ready to invest, you could consider curtain side van, luton van, or dropside van leasing as a cost-effective option.

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