Tesla Model S 60 for Those with Shallower Pockets

Potential buyers of Tesla‘s luxury electric sedan that don’t have enough money or are not willing to go for the more expensive version of the Model S are now able to purchase more affordable version – 2015 Tesla Model S 60. This is currently the cheapest model, and its price starts at $66,000.

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New 2015 Tesla Model S 60 Battery Pack

So far, Model S has been labeled by the capacity of the drive batteries, which were 60 kWh. This model was discontinued in 2015, when the battery of 60 kWh was replaced by a larger unit, with a capacity of 70 kWh. However, Tesla Motors won’t install smaller batteries in the latest model, but will use the more powerful package of 75 kWh, which is installed in the more expensive version of the Model S.

The difference is that the 2015 Tesla Model S 60 capacity of these batteries will be limited by software to 60 kWh. In this way, the lowest price of this electric car in the United States decreased from $70,000 to 66,000 dollars, which is a good thing for potential customers.


Travel Range, Performance

The 2015 Tesla Model S 60 can travel up to 340 km (~211 miles) on a single charge. If the owner later wishes to increase capacity, and therefore the autonomy of the movement, or to turn on the Autopilot options which is already installed in the car, the company will remove the software restriction for an extra charge of $9,000. The car will also receive OTA software updates for free in order to improve the driving experience and add new features and functions.

When it comes to performance, the manufacturer claims that the new Model S 60 can sprint from 0 to 60 mph (0-96 km/h) in just 5.5 seconds, and top speed is 130 miles per hour (~210 km/h).

2015 Tesla Model S 60

Update: Tesla Adds Model S 75 to the Lineup

Over the weekend, the company added the 2015 Tesla Model S 75 to the lineup, making it the fourth variant of the popular electric car. This one is also able to accelerate to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds, but this time its top speed is 140 mph (~225 km/h). Its travel range is increased to 249 miles (400 km) per single charge. Starting price of the Model S 75 is $74,500 for the rear-wheel-drive model.

Both the 60 and the 75 variants can get the all-wheel-drive for the additional cost of $5,000, increasing the range of both models to 218 and 259 miles, respectively.

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