Drawing Tesla Model X – Truly Impressive

In only a few years of its existence, Tesla Motors managed to delivery few interesting models to the market and all those vehicles were electric cars. Lately, we could hear many rumors about recently introduced Tesla Model X, SUV model that could take decent part of the market.

One of our readers decided to draw it and sent this image to us. Truly impressive set of skills for Vujo#91, thank you. Nice touch with that pencil right under the vehicle ? We also need to commend designers at Tesla that decided to add those Gullwing doors and decision to keep them also for the production version.

Imagine this beauty with all-wheel drive and about 700 hp. Is that enough for you? On top of that, you are getting much cheaper ride per mile with zero tailpipe pollution. Can we ask for anything more?

What do you think about this drawing? Is it good enough? Is it accurate? What else would you like to see, Tesla Model Y or Tesla Model 3 or any other vehicle?

Tesla Model X – click to see full size

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