2016 Toyota Tundra – Modern New Look

Buyers always look for trucks that provide convenience. This has seen a rise in the number of pickup trucks in the market today. The competition in the pickup market is very stiff; however, Toyota has managed to keep up with this competition. Toyota is popular for being innovative with their vehicles. They embrace the new technology in making their vehicles.

This is with regards to its full-size pickup, the Tundra. The pickup was designed in Michigan and California; the engines come from Alabama. Toyota Tundra is a stylish pickup with an outstanding design; it comes in a wide variety of bold styles.

2016 Toyota Tundra12

You are guaranteed of getting your favorite style. It has three bed sizes, three cabs, and five trim levels to enhance your comfort. There are more than 42 models of this truck. The body styles are suitable for different needs. Apart from being stylish, it also comes with powerful engines.

This pickup has a maximum payload of 2060 pounds and a maximum towing of 10,500 pounds. There are minimal updates being done on this pickup before its release date. Some of the changes that will be made include changing the engine. You will have the option of choosing among the wide color range.

2016 Toyota Tundra13

You can choose the super white, radiant red, blazing blue pearl, midnight black metallic, inferno, and sunset bronze mica among other amazing colors. The new Tundra will sweep you off your feet just with the first glance.

Interior and exterior design

Some of the changes that will be made include redesigning the interior and exterior. The changes will embrace the latest in vehicle technology. The Tundra will come to the market with a new design. The exterior will have a modern new look.

The fog lights and headlights will be redesigned to give the vehicle a one of a kind look. The back side will have an attractive modern look; however, the wheels will not be changed.

2016 Toyota Tundra9

The interior is very breathtaking and stylish. The interior of this Tundra truck is very spacious. The Tundra has a front seat for 3 people in the regular cab and six people in the crew max and cab models. The seats offer nothing but comfort.

The front seats are adjustable and reclining rear seats are convenient. The back seats have enough room for stretching your legs. The interior is well decorated and comes with a variety of controls. Some of the available interior features are the satellite radio, blind spot monitoring, Smartphone integration, power moon roof, rear and front parking sensors, 7-inch touch screen blind spot monitoring, rearview camera and USB ports among other great features.

2016 Toyota Tundra16

The rear seats can also be folded. The inside is made with safety in mind. It has knee airbag for front passenger and driver. There is also a side front, dual front, and even curtain bag. The premium package offers a blind spot warning.

Engine performance

The engine has been designed in a way that will enhance the vehicle’s performance. The engine is made of materials that are light in weight. The engines also guarantee you safety. The safety features are traction control, stability control, departure warning and anti clock braking system.

The Tundra makes use of v8 power. The engines will be the same as the Toyota Tundra 2015. The v6 will be for lower variants with a horsepower of 270 pounds while the higher variants will use the v8 engine.This truck comes with two options for the engine; the 4.6 liters and 5.7 liters.

2016 Toyota Tundra21

Both engines come with automatic transmission. The 4.6 liter has a horsepower of 310 and torque of 327. The 5.7 liter has a horse power of 381 pounds and torque of 401-pound feet. The 4.6 liters helps you to save on fuel and the 5.7 liters will be great for towing.

The V8 engine performs smoothly. The Tundra makes it easy for you to park your truck thanks to its light steering. The Tundra can easily handle hills, mud, and water with a lot of ease.

You will also enjoy the pro version of TRD. Toyota Tundra will provide you with fuel efficiency.

2016 Toyota Tundra Price and Date of release

The officials have not revealed the price of the Tundra. There are assumptions based the price of the previous Toyota truck model. The price of the 2016 Toyota Tundra ranges from $31,500 to $50,100. However, the price will depend on the trim level.

Te basic version will go for 38,000 USD while the crew max will be on the higher side. Given the modifications that will be made on this truck will be minimal, the price will not differ much compared to the 2015 model. One thing is for sure, the price of the 2016 model will be higher.

2016 Toyota Tundra19

This is because of the improved performance, technology, exterior appeal and comfort.The release date of the Tundra is not yet known but it will be happening in a few weeks. Even though the release date is not yet known, the Tundra will be released to the market soon for buyers to enjoy what the truck has to offer.

Some of the competitors that are yet to release their trucks are ford, dodge ram and Nissan titan. In case Toyota offers what it has promised, there is no doubt it will emerge on top of its competitors. This is true especially because of the diesel variant performance. Driving the 2016 Toyota Tundra will give you the comfort and convenience you require.

2016 Toyota Tundra20

The new vehicle will perform better compared to the previous versions. If you are a Toyota die-hard fan, then this truck will give you all you need. It is a multipurpose truck allowing you to use it for several things. The Tundra will also be a determinant in the future of Toyota’s pickups.

The 2016 diesel will not disappoint in any way. The truck has some interesting features. There are a large number of people who are waiting for the launch of this exciting truck to be made in the history of Toyota vehicles. For now, all you have to do is just wait for it to be launched to the market.

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The company will no doubt meet your expectations by providing a modern technology truck. Get ready for the truck that will make your life simpler.



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