2016 Ford Ranger – Pinnacle of Pickups

2016 Ford Ranger – improved the look of the previous Ranger model?

The Ford Ranger is a popular truck in the United States. It has gained popularity because of the performance and features, which are impressive, and because it offers customers an unforgettable experience. The Ranger is one of the models that received the highest sales in 2015. Ford has improved the look of the previous Ranger model. This new pickup has a similar design to the previous one, but there will be a few touch ups. However, there will be a few changes in the interior and exterior design. These changes will improve the previous version. The previous Ranger had issues to do with weight and even size. The Ford company has broken the long silence and is set to release a new model.

The new Ford Ranger 2016 will take care of these flaws. This truck is a midsize pickup that has been produced by Ford from 2006 to 2011. It will have a light weight because of the steel and aluminum metals. When it comes to security, the Ford has five stars. It has a Euro-NCAP testing. There are several security measures undertaken by Ford to give you peace of mind when driving.

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2015 Ford Ranger Side View

Interior and Exterior Design of new 2016 Ford Ranger

This 2016 Ranger will be designed using the Ford Atlas platform. The exterior will have a rugged look. It will be strong and stylish. The new truck will have two doors. The exterior panels will have aluminum and steel. This means that the vehicle will be light in weight. The reduction in weight will improve the performance. It will also be wider and longer compared to the previous model. The bumpers, grille, and chassis will be improved. The taillights and headlights will also have work done. These lights will be sharper than before. You will also have a lot of space to put your luggage. The maximum capacity is 1000 pounds. The vehicle will have a wider wheel base. It will be 190 inches long, 70 inches wide and 66 inches tall. The towing capacity will also be increased. The cargo space will be increased to carry 1000 pounds.

2015 Ford Ranger Exterior

The interior will also be redesigned to give it a brand new appearance. The interior will be more spacious, luxurious and comfortable. It will provide you with enough leg room and even headroom. The seats will be comfortable because they are made with the high-quality material. The front seats will have screens for those in the back seat. Satellite navigation, wireless phone charging, air conditioning, climate control system, modern infotainment and traffic control are just some of the interiors features that you will get with this 2016 Ford Ranger model. Security is guaranteed because this vehicle has 5-star rating; it also has a rear camera that will make your parking effortless. When it comes to safety, this pick up comes with multiple airbags, anti-lock brakes, stability control, blind spot exhibits and back view camera.

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2015 Ford Ranger Dashboard

2016 Ford Ranger Engine Performance

The engine options of the Ranger have been undergoing changes, but the new version has more to offer. It has been designed to provide customers with the best driving experience. These changes are meant to improve the fuel efficiency; electric power assisted steering implementation and general performance. The redesigned Ranger will have three engines at your disposal. The first option has 3.2 liters turbo diesel, 197 horsepower and 470Nm torque. This engine option will allow you to reduce the consumption of fuel by 18 percent. The consumption is 21mpg for driving around the city and 30mpg for highway driving.

The second engine comes with 2.2 liters turbo diesel TDCi and a torque of 385Nm. This engine will give you 22 percent fuel efficiency. The last engine is 2.5-liter petrol that requires direct injection. This third engine has a 225Nm torque and 163horsepower. The 3.2L five cylinder TDCi engine is the ultimate engine. All these engines will have a 6-speed auto transmission unit. The power will mostly be transmitted on the optional four or rear wheels. Overall, the engines are meant to lower fuel consumption. The new Ford Ranger will adopt a start or stop technology. The Ranger will have the option of 4 by two, but it will be four by four drive. 2016 Ford Ranger also has an EcoBoost engine which allows for direct injection.

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2015 Ford Ranger Engine

Price and Release date of 2016 Ford Ranger

The new version 2016 Ranger will be manufactured in Argentina, Thailand, and South Africa. 2016 Ford Ranger is still work in progress and is set to be released later in the course of the year. Once it is launched, the Ranger will be sold across Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The Ranger is nothing but modern. It has been designed using the latest technology advancements. The new model is stylish and sportier. You will feel good when driving this vehicle. The price of the Ford Ranger will be in the range of 20,000 USD to 50,000USD for the basic version and XL plus version respectively. The price will be lower than the F-150 models. The plus version has a very powerful engine. Most people are waiting for the release of this Ranger model. The Ranger faces strong competition from Hyundai Santa Cruz and Toyota Tacoma. However, with the redesigned model, 2016 will no doubt be the leader among its competitors. This is because of its amazing features and convenience that it will offer buyers.

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2015 Ford Ranger On the road


There is no doubt that 2016 Ford Ranger will be worth your money. It has excellent features that are set to make your life easy. It is comfortable and spacious. You will also get enough room to store all your items. You can place small items on the doors, under the seats, and the armrest. The engine is also powerful and saves you fuel. If you are in search of a pickup that has a good performance, then the Ford 2016 should be your ideal option. Many people cannot wait to get this truck because of its stylish design. The exterior is painted with durable and high-quality paint. There is no doubt that with this Ford, you will be able to do your daily activities without any stress. It is the best vehicle to cruise with your family around the city. Make sure that you are the first among your friends to get this pickup truck.

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