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2017 BMW M4 GTS – Not for Mama’s Boys

2017 BMW M4 GTS

BMW tries to offer everything. Let’s say you are a dad, but you want a dash of passion from you dull shaped 3 Series, which will eventually lead you to 4 Series. Furthermore, if you really want to feel some adrenaline pumping, you’ll end up with M4. If you are dreaming about being new Senna, while still working from 9 to 5, eventually you’ll squeeze in upcoming M4 GT4. But if you ever thought about driving home in your M4 GT4 after the race is over, feel free to forget about it, as it’s track-only thing. And that led us to this gem 2017 BMW M4 GTS.


It is a race car that you can drive on any road, right next to Toyota Corolla or Honda Odyssey. It is either M4 overfed with steroids or cultivated GT4. It is also a rare bread as only 700 of them will hit the streets across the globe and only 27 of them will touch overheated Australian tarmac. It isn’t a cheap one either with a price around $130,000 in the US and enlarge that to $300,000 Australian ones.


A lot about the looks! Although there is some variety of colors, two gray layouts, white and black, the majority of them will be engulfed by Frozen Dark Grey coloring. And it looks stunning.

2017 BMW M4 GTS

Matt paint with orange coloring appears as perfect combination, while alloys themselves are work of art, and same goes for taillights LED configuration. It is impossible to confuse it with M4 with its oversized rear wing and fearsome front lip spoiler carved from carbon and outlined in orange. At first glance, everybody will see that this Beemer knows its business.


This thing is not for “mama’s boys” step inside and sense for yourself. There is no soft and comfy leather to rest your right hand onto, actually, there is no armrest at all. Want to open the door? Pull the rope then. Your wife is feeling a bit colder than you, GTS doesn’t care, no dual-zone just simple air conditioning system. Want to adjust the seat? Reminisce about the 80’s when you were doing it manually. Have kids?

2017 BMW M4 GTS interior

Again GTS simply doesn’t care, no back seats, just an orange cage. Take a look how obese are those Alcantara seats, and you’ll understand everything as your spine breaks down with every pebble on the pavement. If you are trembling right now praying for it to stop doing that, it listened to you, and you’ll end up with the iDrive infotainment system, satellite navigation, and rain sensitive wipers.


Yes, when you conquer your fear of asceticism and finally push the pedal, be ready to melt down in an unexperienced rush of adrenaline, amazement, and sort of emotions that you didn’t hold as existing till now. This is uncompromised, most beastly BMW that exist out here and fastest one with the top speed of 189 mph (305 km/h), while all other forcibly stop at 155 mph (250 km/h). Under the hood lies 3.0-liter twin-turbo I6 (yes inline!) with water injection system, first time ever in production car, which led to the power increase of 68 hp from “boring” M4, resulting in a total of 493 pure Thoroughbred horses.

2017 BMW M4 GTS

This thing gallops to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds or three-tenths quicker than M4, also additionally thanks to 60 pounds (27 kg) diet. It comes with the price, though, there is water tank that needs to be refilled every third time when you refill the gas. But if in ancient times, off-road lovers, weren’t lazy to step out from their metal boxes and sink in a huge sea of mud in order to manually engage locking differential as the switch was mounted outside, neither are you going to be lazy to refill something with water once a month.

 2017 BMW M4 GTS  Video


GTS is bred for lap times, and that is how it is going to behave. Despite being turbocharged, it tries to compensate the lack of a naturally aspired engine. That means that if you just search for that moment when you are suddenly glued to your seat when turbo kicks in M4, forget about it. The sudden surge of power is maybe fun, but not good for race track as it is unpredictable and can give you nasty surprise when you are not searching for it. GTS is less scary upon pedal push than regular M4, and that might sound strange, but it is more than wise. It behaves more predictably, and you want that when you are calculating whether to steal additional two millimeters of the apex.

You also need to rev it high to make full use of it, and that is over 5000 rpm high, again not to fun when intending to exploit short city center tunnel, but incredibly handy on the track were you rarely want to drop below that line. Also, this car is going to break every bone in your body once your travel to your favorite track, but once there it will rearrange your internal organs with highest lateral Gs and never-ending grip while pushing skin in front of your face when you engage 16-inch carbon-ceramic brake rotors hugged by six-piston calipers up front. 2017 BMW M4 GTS is reserved for Daddy’s boys and full stop.

 2017 BMW M4 GTS 
Dimensions And Weight
Wheelbase  N/A
Length  4671mm
Height  1883mm
Width  1870mm
Kerb Weight  1537
Engine And Transmission
Engine type  3.0L Turbo 6
Displacement  3.0L Turbo 6
Power/torque  493 pure Thoroughbred horses
Transmission  6 SP Manual
0-60 mph  3.8 seconds
Top speed  189 mph
PRICE RANGE: $130,000 – $300,000

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