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2017 Lexus IS – With New Style

Being released back in 2013, the current generation of the Lexus IS should receive an update with the 2017 model. While this will not be a major overhaul, it should still include quite a few design and running gear updates to make the IS fresh once again. Unfortunately, Lexus hasn’t released anything so far, but rumors already started and say that the new IS will receive the design update but also a new engine which is expected to be offered on the new entry-level trim in Europe and some parts of Asia.

So far the engine is still unknown but considering the facts that Lexus is part of the Toyota group and they worked quite close with BMW recently, we can only assume that the upcoming IS will use part of the shared technology.

2017 Lexus IS

This would mean that people will be able to get a BMW engine in a different package which would become really interesting to see in the future. The platform will remain the same, but the running gear might get a set of progressive springs and shocks as standard that will make the car handle better than before while being more comfortable.

2017 Lexus IS Price

The base asking price is still unknown, but we expect it to hover around $38,000 which is marginally more than what its competitors cost.

2017 Lexus IS

Engine and Performance

As we mentioned above, the largest rumor so far says that the 2017 Lexus IS might receive BMW engines. This would become really interesting to see especially at its top end and entry level models. The base car might come with a new 1.5 liter 3 cylinder mill with 180 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque, plenty for most people. A 2.0 liter turbocharged inline 4 with 241 horsepower is also expected to be available.

2017 Lexus IS

However, it now seems that the old V6 engines could be discontinued in the favor of an entirely new 3.0 liter inline six which might make between 250 horsepower in naturally aspirated form and as much as 350 horsepower in turbocharged guise. A 6-speed manual will still be offered on the base model while the eight-speed automatic is likely going to be offered as an option.

2017 Lexus IS

If we take a look at the latest Lexus offering, the SC, it is quite safe to assume that the upcoming 2017 Lexus IS will follow the same design language as the two-door coupe. This means that in the front segment of the car will get a pair of new headlights which are going to ditch the old LED strips while the grille should be stylized to offer a more aggressive look.


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