2018 Chevrolet Traverse – The Never-Ending Improvement

The ongoing Traverse has been around for some time, but it did receive a decent amount of updates, the latest being the 2017 model year. Because it is quite old, a new version of the car is expected to be released with the 2017 Chevrolet Traverse which should be out in late 2017. Despite the 2017 release, though, the car will most likely be sold as a 2018 MY car in order to give dealers more time to clear the stocks on the older model. Currently, the Traverse is a rather large seven-seat crossover which offers all the perks of a minivan while looking a lot cooler. So far, its close sibling, the Acadia, was nearly identical to it.

Update: 12/23/16

The new Traverse will have its debut at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show on January 9th, and Chevrolet has just published a teaser photograph of the new vehicle.

Many have speculated that the American automaker is about to launch an update to the model that was revealed in 2008 and they were right. The Traverse, which has not been greatly changed over the last eight years, will be redesigned and updated. Even though the official information regarding the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse key details has not been revealed, it is safe to say that the new SUV will be equipped with more up-to-date technology than the outgoing model.

2018 Chevrolet Traverse

When it comes to the design of the vehicle, the photo suggests that the new Traverse will have somewhat the same profile as its predecessor. In consideration of the predecessor, the 2018 model appears to have slimmer side windows and more pronounced front wheel arches. The headlights and taillights are different from the ones on the outgoing model and from the looks of it the front-end appears to be more upright.

The photo was followed by the brief PR spiel in which the company informed us that the maximum of 8 people will be able to fit in the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse and that it will “offer the segment’s best third-row legroom and maximum cargo space.”


2018 Chevrolet Traverse Review

However, the Acadia has been completely revamped with a much smaller version than before. Why? Well, it seems that GM wants to differentiate the cars a bit better so the upcoming Traverse will remain just as big as before. Despite that the car will be based on an entirely new chassis, more specifically a stretched version of GM’s brand new C1XX platform which debuted with the Cadillac XT5. This should allow it to save as much as 300 pounds of weight over the 4,700 pounds of the current model, and it should make for a much better car to drive than before. The price will also likely go up slightly as it is expected to become slightly more luxurious with a higher level of comfort.


The exterior design

So far there is no official word on the design of the future 2017 Chevrolet Traverse. However, test mules have been spied wearing some interesting camouflage. These do confirm the fact that the new model will be very similar in size to the older one. In the front, it seems to take a lot of design cues from the Malibu with the large grille in the bumper and a rather aggressive look to it. There is still no word on the rest of the design. However, considering how the new Acadia came out, it is safe to assume that the new Traverse will look a lot more like an evolution of the older model.


Inside the cabin

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same thing about the cabin as it is most likely still under development. We are quite sure that GM will bring much better and higher quality materials than before as well as a much nicer general design. The end result should be a car that will still be able to carry seven or eight people in perfect comfort. This time around though the passengers will benefit from more gadgets and a much nicer overall environment.

2017 Chevy Traverse Interior - Source:
2017 Chevy Traverse Interior – Source:


A V6 is currently the only powertrain available on the Traverse so it is safe to assume that the 2017 Chevrolet Traverse will also offer a single choice. Rumors suggest, and we agree, that the car will benefit from the same 3.6-liter naturally aspirated V6 that can be found in the newest Acadia. This one offers a slightly more impressive 310 horsepower and 271 lb-ft of torque which is mostly thanks to direct injection, a larger compression ratio as well as larger intake and exhaust valves. If GM manages to finish their new transmission, then the upcoming Traverse might benefit from a new 9-speed automatic gearbox. If this won’t be available, though, then the older six-speed automatic from the Acadia should fit the bill perfectly.

In any case, the new Traverse will be considerably faster, as it will be lighter and more powerful, thankfully to overall weight reduction that will also influence efficiency in a positive manner. Rumors also suggested that a hybrid powertrain could come but considering where the market is going, this is unlikely at this point. The hybrid might be released after 2020 with the mid-life facelift of the upcoming Traverse.


2016 Chevy Traverse Engine - Source:
2016 Chevy Traverse Engine – Source:


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