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2018 Lamborghini Aventador S – “S” for superb

Lamborghini is surely not in a hurry after some of its models hit the market. Murcielago was in production for nine years, Gallardo for ten years and Countach even for 16 years. Current Aventador was introduced in 2011 and while nobody expected the new generation to come anytime soon, knowing Lambo too well, we are pleasantly surprised as refresh is right in front of us. Besides added letter in the name, we are about to see what 2018 Lamborghini Aventador S is bringing to the table.

2018 Lamborghini Aventador S  STYLING

This is not the case of just minor, hardly noticeable cosmetic changes that most would probably expect. It is more serious nip and tuck, and it is visible instantly. Front bumper received new styling, making it somewhat less threatening but more sophisticated. Despite the fact that air intakes are smaller, reconfiguration of bumper brought better aerodynamics and more efficient engine cooling as a result of this process.

Since we mentioned iconic Countach, refresh brought rear wheel arches shaped in its honor, which is a nice retro touch. The back segment also features visible changes as the bumper is redesigned with more black-colored parts, the diffuser has bigger fins with a larger number of it, and for the end, we have better looking triangular exhaust with three tips. New diffuser is not there just for looks as it does a better job than previous one, and same goes for other changes since new S model has 130% more of downforce at the front compared to the situation before the redesign.

2018 Lamborghini Aventador S


Nothing is changed design wise, but the cabin has not been skipped completely. You can enjoy a couple of new features, such as completely digital instrument cluster which you can adapt to your preferences, while TFT screen change images depending on which driving mode is engaged. Apple CarPlay is standard, while a telemetry system is a payable option and it lets you record your lap times, evaluate your performance and also stores other valuable trip data.


The engine is the same, but the power is not. Well known 6.5-liter V12 now pumps out 40 horsepower more, and it stops at 730 hp which is only nine less than Aventador SV. Torque stays at same 509 lb-ft and 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds also, because in the land of ludicrous numbers acceleration time is reaching its limit confronted with the laws of physics here.

On another hand, on track, every new horsepower is well appreciated and felt and already proven Independent Shifting Rod seven-speed gearbox, with shifts quick as little as 50 milliseconds just adds to that impression.


The biggest news is four-wheel steering system never before featured on Lambo’s regular models. It improves agility at lower speeds and stability when driven faster. The new system also brought revisions of existing ones for smoother integration, so Direct Steering system is changed, and it now features astonishing five milliseconds response time to steering movements and Magneto-Rheological Suspension is recalibrated along too.


2018 Lamborghini Aventador S brought a fresh look, more power, and more racing tech to already raging beast. It was more than capable before, and now it is even better. The problem is competition and to be more precise theirs price tags. Lambo starts at $421,000 which is unreasonable $90k more than direct rival Ferrari F12.

Also if you just look at the figures Porsche, 911 Turbo S is even quicker in the straight line with the price at $188k and let alone to compare to equally faster bargain of the century Nissan GTR. 911 and GTR are not on the same page since acceleration figure is just one of the facts among myriads of others, and while Ferrari plays on Italian elegance, raging bull plays solely on brutality, and if that is what you are after, you are in the right place.

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