7 Reasons why should you have A Car Lift in your Garage

Among the great variety, those with the highest demand are the two-pillar elevators, which are commonly used to lift vehicles and trucks of medium weight or cargo.

For larger workshops and professionalism, 4-pillar lifts or pillars are the best options to consider in order to benefit from space savings and greater storage and production capacity. This elevator system is commonly used in public parking lots and garages or in garages of residential complexes, which with their innovative features adapt to the needs of every situation.

There are different types of cranes. The difference lies in the lifting mechanism and the number of columns. In the case of lifting with a column, for example, the platform support arms go diagonally below the vehicle.


If there are two columns, the supporting arms are to the right and left of the vehicle. If the elevator has four pillars, the vehicle can be driven directly on a two-lane stage. No poles are required to lift the scissors. The stair drive is electrically operated by an engine or an electrical hydraulic system.

They are also extremely useful for car showrooms, storage areas, parking lots, and quick lubrication stations, because of the benefits they provide. However, they are also useful for private use.

Here are 7 reasons why you should have a car lift in your garage:

As a way of parking

Purchasing and using this system as your parking method is the best way to stack as many cars as possible, increasing storage levels, adapting to space-saving circumstances that can be used for another purpose, and allowing a parking company to store vehicles for multiple periods, thus creating a larger cash income.

Companies specializing in the sale of this practical system, like have adapted models such as ramps of various sizes to lift or position the vehicle in the manner necessary to perform its repair in the best way, ensuring a solution to the problem.

There are accessories to this component, among them sliding bridges that add advantages in terms of versatility and comfort of mechanics.

They provide protection for the car

Vehicles are valuable property and valuable investment. Protect this investment by intelligently parking them in your elevator garage, optimizing theft and accident protection. Parking your vehicle this way helps them protect the paint and its overall appearance.

Consider how secure your car would be. Today, it is not enough to just park the car in the garage, there are numerous accidents that can happen in the garage and thus damage the color of the car or a major accident occurs. Do not allow yourself, with this system, isolate the car from any action by raising it above ground level.

Be sure your space is in good condition – Before deciding on this system, make sure your space can handle this. A car lift will certainly provide you with good protection for the car, but it will only make sense if it can be properly installed, the most important being the condition of the space in which the lift will be located.

Optimizes space

Most homes have storage space for your car. If your family has two or more vehicles, then they will not be able to park properly unless they have a huge house. In such cases where there is no space, it is suggested to purchase an automatic elevator, because with them it is possible to park one car under the other.
This will help you make available in the garage (or other room) of the house for another car, there will be no more room, there will be two for one vehicle. Of course, it all depends on the characteristics and dimensions of the space.

If you are interested in some of the best residential garage car lifts available on the market, click here.

Provides easy vehicle maintenance

From the start, and without reviews and analyzes, anyone would say it adds space to the garage; but it’s not just about adding space, but using space with a technological instrument.

Cars tend to break down, requiring periodic maintenance as well as any equipment. Access to the lower section in garage conditions is often impossible due to the lack of a lifting device. With all the tools you need, an elevator, and ready-to-operate equipment, it is possible to replace the consumables of starting equipment, gearboxes, engines.

Maintaining and repairing the underside of your vehicle becomes much easier with this technology.

Many of the parts are located below the bottom of the car, making it difficult to carry out repairs in the absence of a special pit. Entrepreneurial home mechanics have found a way out of installing an elevator in the garage. With the help of this simple equipment, the time spent to move under the machine is greatly reduced.

Provides seasonal storage

Some are regions where weather conditions are not suitable for use with ordinary cars. If they have limited storage space in the garage, they can use the elevator to store their valuable vehicle until a more convenient time arrives. This will save maintenance and repair costs.

Save money

Probably this sounds weird to you and makes no sense. The assumption of many people is that this is an expensive investment. However, you are wrong. Here’s exactly what we mean … Ask yourself a simple question: is it a more expensive car lift or a complete garage renovation? If you decide on a cheaper car lift option, you will not go wrong. This cost is a sure investment for you in a worry-free future.

Lastly, lifts aren’t just for cars

This amazing technology can store much more than just a standard-size car. In reality, car lifts can accommodate larger vehicles such as trucks, and can also be used to dispose of motorcycles, lawnmowers, tractors, etc.


Having a car lift is the most reliable way to pick up any type of car. It is certainly not easy to decide, because today there is a diversity of companies competing to promote and sell this basic element for mechanical workshops. We hope we have made it easy for you to make your decision!

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