What is a Car Jack & How to Pick the Right One

There are a lot of car repair jobs that demand going under them. This is where a car jack comes in handy. Car jack lifts your car to a certain height and allows you to change tires and oil, repair suspension systems, and do a lot more.

Let’s discover how many types of it are present out there and how you can handpick one.

What are the Types of a Car Jack?

While there are multiple types present out there, according to carjackland, we can make a distinction between the 3 car jacks.

●     Bottle Jack

Bottle jacks are hydraulic jacks that are used for commercial purposes. They are narrow and lightweight, so you can easily transport them. Heavy vehicles are lifted through these types of jacks.

●     Floor Jack

Just like the bottle jacks, floor jacks are used to lift the vehicles high for maintenance. According to Bushingmfg they are more stable on the ground level due to their wide bodies.

●     Scissor Jack


As the name implies, scissor jacks have a scissor-type appearance. Most of the time, they come along with the spare tire or your car. They also lift the car with very minimal effort.

How Does a Car Jack Work?

Every car jack works with a bit of difference. However, the purpose of each of them is to lift your car. Let’s here take the example of how floor car jacks work:

  • First of all, find the safest point under your car to lift it.
  • Put your floor jack under the area from where you’ve found one.
  • Pump the adjustment arm so that the unit reaches that particular point of the car.
  • Stay pumping until your desired lift height is achieved.
  • Repair whatever maintenance is required.
  • Release the air by moving back the adjustment arm and bringing back the car to the ground.

How Much Does It Cost?

Depending on the type of jack, capacity one carries, and brand, the price of one car jack varies from the other. Bottle jacks are most probably the cheapest ones, and you can find them for under $50.

Flipping the scene and the cost of floor jack is quite high. One top-notch quality floor jack, most probably, comes at almost $150. Whereas scissor jack ranges from $50 to $150 depending on the quality the manufacturers are providing you with.

How to Pick the Right Car Jack for Your Car?

If you want to have the best model for your car, a few pointers should always be kept in view. It’ll not ease your buying process, but also, the unit will be available for your use in the long run.

Let’s check out what they are:

Type s

Before anything, you need to decide on the type. Conclude first your use and then make a final verdict. Floor jacks are more stable on the ground due to their wider surface area and have great lift capacity.

Bottle jacks help you save space since they are compact. They allow you to lift your car with ease. On top of that is the scissor jack. This type of jack is the most easy-to-use car jack and probably comes with some cars, and so you need not buy one.

Weight and Dimension

Since car jacks are portable, they should be handy and lightweight. When you buy one, make sure to check its weight. Having a handle along to help move or the tires are the best inclusion in a car jack. They allow you to displace the unit with ease.

In terms of dimension, you should check out the saddle. It should be wide enough, so the chances of accidents turn out low. The overall dimension of the car jack should also be kept in view for easy storage.


Steel and aluminum are the two materials from which a car jack is made. Decide on the material on the basis of the car you have and its weight. If you are buying a car jack for a lightweight car of lightweight, an aluminum car jack will get the job done.

On the contrary, a steel car jack is best for lifting more than 10,000 pounds heavy vehicles. That includes trucks and tractors. For a garage owner, it’s best to have one with the maximum weight lifting capacity.

Maximum and Minimum Height

For getting the job from a car jack, it should first go under a car, and not every car jack is low enough to lift every car out there. For instance, BMW. This vehicle is dropped lower to the ground that no ordinary car jacks can get under it.

The maximum height of a car jack should also be checked. Deeming down with it is due to the work you want to take from one. Someday, you’d need to mend the suspension system and want to change the oil, on the other.

Carrying Case

Of all the car jacks available, scissor jacks and floor jacks are found coming with a carrying case. Even a few of them come without cases. Try to have a car jack with a carrying case to keep it safe for the long run.

Price and Warranty

Bet not your bucks directly on a car jack. Give importance to price and warranty, and this implies to each of the car jack you are after. Shortlist the car jacks that are most competent, and skim through the features compared with the other.

Inquire of the warranty from the manufacturer if it’s not mentioned. Have at least one year warranty with your product. This warranty will back you and allow you to claim in case you encounter a problem with your jack.

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