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“Baby” Range Rover Evoque in Preparation?

Baby Range Rover Evoque in preparation

In November 2012 we discovered a series of new Land Rover models that should appear before the end of the decade. One of these new products and innovations is the so-called “baby Evoque”, which should be positioned below-mentioned crossover.

Still not sure if it will see the light of day or not, however, due to the expansion of this segment this is still an ongoing story, and it wouldn’t be a surprise that it appears soon.
Baby Range Rover Evoque in preparation

What is being speculated is that it will come in the form of a three-door vehicle, and only with a “coupe-like” crossover outline.

Furthermore, we expect to see it slightly smaller than the Evoque, which is, just as a remind, 4371 mm long. So, we will have to deal with a model that will be pitted versus recently introduced Audi Q2, although the model from Ingolstadt comes with five doors body.

Baby Range Rover Evoque in preparation

Time will show whether the JLR serious in its intentions, but the rumors clearly state that we need to consider models like Evoque XL, and Grand Evoque. Many premium manufacturers put emphasis on diversity within its SUV offerings, so that would not be a big surprise.

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