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2017 Toyota Matrix – Resurrection of Corolla’s Lil’ Brother

The Matrix was the mini MPV version of the Corolla, and it was sold in North America up until 2013 when it was discontinued because market shifted significantly to crossover. Well, rumors about a 2017 Toyota Matrix started to float around the internet, and it seems that a successor might be released in the near future. At this point, there aren’t that many available details about it, but it appears that this time around the car will be offered as a crossover. This one should be positioned right under the RAV4 and on the same level with the HRV but with some distinctive differences that could give it an edge over it. Unlike before, the new Matrix is now going to sport its design scheme all while it should still offer the rather quirky feel and sporty character.

Side View

Price and Changes of 2017 Toyota Matrix

The car is expected to be released in the early 2017, and the production version of this model is likely going to hit the market soon after that so it could be offered as the 2017 model. The price should hover around $20,000 for a base model where most of its competitors are. This shouldn’t stop Toyota to make a more than $30,000 version which would be quite a bit better equipped than your average car in this class. While not much has been said about it, the new Matrix is likely going to be based on their new platform. This has been already used in the Prius, and it might also be used on the future RAV4. The one for the Matrix will be the smallest version and also the lightest.

Rear Left Side

Interior and Exterior Design

This reduction in weight should allow the 2017 Toyota Matrix to drive better than many other crossovers out there, and it could also make it quite efficient, far better than before. Some parts of the older model are likely going to be kept even though Toyota hasn’t said anything about this. We do expect an XRS version which would be sold as the high-performance model. On top of that, as we stated before, the design is going to be something all new. This model is going to be marketed for the younger market which means it should look quite a bit livelier than the RAV4 which is dull in every way. In fact, it might be the first in a set of cars aimed at the younger people with technology aimed specifically at them.

2017 Toyota Matrix

Even though it will be quite a bit smaller than the RAV4, the new Matrix should be able to transport easily up to five people. On top of that, it should also offer more than enough legroom and headroom in the front and at the back as well as plenty of features. Rumors suggest that the base model of the car will be better equipped than the RAV4 even though the materials will not be on par with it. A seven-inch touch-screen with phone integration, automatic climate control, all electric windows and mirrors and even automatic cruise control are all expected to be standard. A long list of standard features that we are not used to see in this class is something that will impress many buyers.


Engine Options

For powering the compact 2017 Toyota Matrix we might be getting an all-new engine for Toyota. Many said that BMW’s 1.5-liter turbocharged inline three engine might be an offering. This engine can easily make anything between 140 and 180 horsepower and as much as 200 lb-ft of torque which is considerably more than what the older engines pumped out. On top of that, a future XRS model, basically the sports edition, might use the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine offering as much as 250 horsepower. This would easily make the Matrix the most powerful car in its class. Coupling all of this power with an all-new chassis, a new automatic gearbox, and even all-wheel drive should make the Matrix crossover that is able to handle better than a hot hatchback. A hybrid could also be an option, and we know that the Japanese car maker has a lot of experience with this type of propulsion, but so far Toyota hasn’t said anything about such option.

2017 Toyota Matrix Engine

Video of 2014 Matrix Toyota:

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