Becoming the owner of a used SUV – Steps to follow

Buying a car isn’t the type of investment you’ll be making that often, so you need to handle things the right way, in order to spend the money wisely. Considering the multitude of offers available, deciding on a model means you should analyze your lifestyle and specific needs carefully. Perhaps you have a large family, or you simply enjoy driving a more spacious auto, which means an SUV is the ideal fit. A simple search on the web, and you will come across an impressive variety of SUVs for sale, with numerous private sellers and dealership presenting you their deals on different models and versions. However, to be confident in your final purchase, you should go through some important pointers first.

Models and features

Start by looking into different types of models and the specific features they bring to the table. You want a big car, but you should also benefit from advanced features that will ensure a comfortable and smooth drive. From a Jeep Cherokee to a Volkswagen Atlas, it can be difficult to figure out which model would suit your needs and desires best. Because for each driver, the set of features wanted varies, what you can do is simply research the topic properly.

Go on review sites, and discover the main characteristics of the SUVs you have eyed, check a list of top rated SUVs on the market in recent years, and also ask for recommendations if you have a friend or an acquaintance who knows a bit more about cars than you. Nowadays, there is plenty of information on the internet, so just by spending a few dozen minutes on an auto forum, you can get the answers to all your main questions.

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Focusing solely on the aesthetics or power of a car isn’t recommended, there are features that will make driving more enjoyable, so you should carefully think things through before actually reaching a final decision.

Where to buy?

When it comes to used cars, one of the things you will need to figure out is where to buy the SUV from. If you are looking for a safer approach to this purchase, a dealership might make the most suitable choice here. A dealer with a brand franchise, for example, might include in its offer an extended warranty. This means, if a malfunction arises quickly after the purchase, the repairs might be covered by the dealership. Dealers offer various services that might come in handy, and they usually, they try to be transparent in regards to the car’s condition. You will have to worry less about buying a damaged car with hidden issues.

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Private sellers are another option here. Nowadays, numerous car owners sell their autos on different websites, when they want to upgrade to a better version. While buying from a private party is a bit riskier, it could be more financially advantageous. Private sellers usually have lower prices than dealers, and if you know how to properly inspect the car, you can consider this possibility.

Certified pre-owned SUVs are also available. The programs are provided by manufacturers and might appeal to you if you want a refurbished SUV with a quality certification and a proper warranty. You’ll be asked to pay more, but the quality standards will also be higher.

Vehicle history

Regardless if you choose to buy from a dealer or a private seller, you still need to do your own research. Because there are certain risks involved, such as buying a car that has illegal modifications, looking into the car’s history is advised here. Manufacturers are legally obligated to mark all cars with a VIN number. What you can do is use a VIN check tool, found on various sites, and get all the information you need on a specific SUV. Number of owners, year of production, type of engine – these are only a few examples of details you can find out if you check the auto’s history the right way. Look online for a reliable VIN decoder, and go through this step before making any further inspections. Vindecoderz, for example, works great with a wide variety of car brands and models.

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You need to be 100 percent sure the car is actually one safe to drive, and to manage doing that, getting a safety inspection first is advised. Does the model have all the features you are looking for in terms of safety? Identify any problems relevant here, and make no compromises in this department.

Third row seating

Additional seating is one of the features that may have directed your attention towards SUVs in the first place, so make sure the model you buy comes with this particular characteristic. Some versions have third row seats that can be folded, leaving space for storage, for example. As long as you are buying an SUV, you should benefit from the versatility this optional feature brings to the table.

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Fuel efficiency

Last but not least, you should remember to look into the fuel efficiency of the SUV before deciding to purchase it. When you are buying a car, you need to consider the long term financial implications of the purchase, and not the initial price solely. Sport utility vehicles are known for coming with a higher gas consumption than your average car, so if you don’t want to deal with bad mileage, see if the said model has good fuel efficiency characteristics.

There might be a couple of powerful reasons why you have decided to buy an SUV in the first place, and owning this type of vehicle is in fact advantageous from several points of view. Buying the auto second-hand allows you to save quite a lot of money, so naturally this is the option you are considering at the moment. The factors highlighted above should be kept in mind, when you are trying to make a purchase. A convenient SUV buy demands a bit of implication from your part – make sure to follow these few essential steps, and you can be certain you are investing money in the right car.

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