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Best All-terrain Tires for Toyota Tacoma

If you are looking to replace the tires of your Tacoma, all-terrain tires are an absolute go-to. All-terrain tires can handle adverse driving conditions while maintaining a confident grip and excellent stability. The superb traction of these tires in snow, mud and wet roads has the ability to turn many heads. Thus, these tires can serve perfectly well in off-road conditions which are often encountered when you are in a Tacoma.

All-terrain tires also excel from an aesthetic point of view, as a result of the aggressive tread pattern and massive voids. This can make your Tacoma appear far more sturdy and attractive.

Top 5 best all-terrain tires for Toyota Tacoma

If you are having trouble finding the best all-terrain tire for Tacoma, worry no more! Here is a list of the best options available today:

Best tires for stock sized rims (16 inches):

  1. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Radial Tire – 285/75R16 126R (Editor’s choice)
  2. Michelin LTX A/T2 All-Terrain Radial Tire-LT245/75R16/E 120/116R LRE 120R E-ply (also available in 18 inch size)
  3. Kumho Road Venture AT51 All-Terrain Tire – P265/75R16 114T

Best tires for after-market wheels:

  1. Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial – LT285/70R17 121Q
  2. Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT All-Season LT265/70R17 121/118S Tire

1. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Radial Tire – 285/75R16 126R (Editor’s choice)

The best performing and the most capable…

This 16-inch radial tire by BFGoodrich is one of the most preferred choices for Tacoma. Credit goes to its aggressive build and multiple bold features, that not only allow it to provide a smooth ride on road but also excel in off-road driving. This tire is specifically designed to tackle the challenges faced by the vehicle on the beaten path. Tough, robust material is chosen in the manufacturing of this tire, especially the sidewall, which is made using bruise resistant rubber. This thick rubber sidewall featuring protruding rubber bars prevents any likely damage by stones and rocks, while providing enhanced traction in mud and snow. This traction is further magnified by the tread design and large tread blocks. Hence, one can be confident about the stability of their Tacoma in almost all conditions. Stone ejectors are also an interesting feature of this tire, which serve to prevent any road debris from getting stuck in the tread.

In order to ensure that even the heaviest snow does not hinder the drive, this tire is equipped with advanced sipes that allow the tire to dig in and maintain a steady grip. This, along with the serrated shoulder design greatly amplifies the performance of this tire in all terrains including deep snow and mud.

However, despite these protective features, the life of the tire is noticeably less and the tread wears visibly after some time. Also, the use of top quality materials and innovative technology makes this BFGoodrich tire a lot pricier than its counterparts.


  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Aggressive design
  • Strong tread and sidewalls
  • Fitted with stone ejectors
  • Features advanced sipes
  • Really quiet


  • Expensive
  • Average tread life
  • Requires frequent alignment

2. Michelin LTX A/T2 All-Terrain Radial Tire-LT245/75R16/E 120/116R LRE 120R E-ply

The highest rated tire and hey, it’s from Michelin…

To buy the same tire in 18 inch tire size from Amazon, click here: Michelin LTX A/T2 All Season Radial P275/65R18 114T

This elegant 16 inch tire is the same tire as the OE tire for Tacomas that come with 18 inch wheels which is also a size option for this tire. This makes it a natural choice if you want to opt for a tire which is reliable and geared towards your Tacoma. Along with that, it is also exceptionally great at handling all terrains and poor driving conditions. Its aesthetically pleasing appearance is coupled with a greatly user-friendly construction. This allows for a quiet, comfortable and vibration free ride, even in uneven and rough terrains. The material used in this tire is of premium quality, a hallmark of all Michelin tires. This, along with the tread compound and design makes it highly durable. It can resist damage by sharp objects and can endure extremely rough conditions. The tread, however, can hold rocks due to the absence of stone ejectors and a narrow space between tread blocks. This can adversely affect the quality of ride and be extremely uncomfortable.

The traction that this Michelin tire provides is extraordinary, thus allowing the vehicle to function even in heavy snow, mud and rain. Despite being used in unfriendly conditions, the mileage provided by this tire is impressive. Cherry on top, this tire comes with a 6 years standard limited warranty, which is a guarantee of its superior quality.


  • OEM tire
  • Superior quality
  • Extremely durable
  • Can function well in all terrains
  • Great looks
  • Comfortable ride
  • Quiet
  • Backed by a 6-year standard limited warrant


  • No stone ejectors

3. Kumho Road Venture AT51 All-Terrain Tire – P265/75R16 114T

The best budget tire you can get for your Tacoma…

If you are searching for a tire that fulfills all the requirements of your Tacoma while being light on your pocket, this Kumho all-terrain tire is your answer. This 16-inch tire has the ability to provide a smooth and steady ride, no matter how harsh the weather gets. Its tread is made unique by the deep, tapered tread blocks that optimize its off-road potential. They also allow for self-cleaning, which means that your Tacoma will continue looking tidy and tough, even after a challenging ride. The deep, central grooves of the tire evacuate snow and water, ensuring that the grip of the vehicle is not compromised by these factors. The symmetrical tread design ensures a smooth ride, prevents bumpiness and significantly reduces the noise production of the tire. Nonetheless, the tire can get noticeably loud on highways.

A redeeming quality of this Kumho tire is its fuel efficiency. From the dual-silica tread compound to symmetrical tread pattern, all the features of this tire are designed in a way that allows for even wearing and rapid cooling. These factors add up to prevent wastage of fuel.


  • Very smooth and comfortable ride
  • Compatible with all terrains
  • Awesome traction
  • Economical
  • Fuel efficient 
  • Confident grip


  • Might get noisy on highways
  • Can be troubling at high speeds

4. Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial – LT285/70R17 121Q

Perfect for off-roading, as expected from Goodyear…

Goodyear DuraTrac tires have taken the tire manufacturing industry by storm, thanks to their terrific properties, appealing looks and the fact that they are a universal fit. This 17-inch radial tire is no exception! It will surely turn out to be a marvelous addition to your Tacoma.

This DuraTrac tire is equally compatible with both paved road and off-road conditions. Its deep tread blocks with huge voids allow it to sit perfectly in both snow and mud, providing superb traction. The widely spaced tread blocks ensure that the grip and stability of the tire is maintained even during heavy rain or snow. To guarantee an even better traction, the tread of this tire features sipes, which are a major advantage when driving in snow. These heavy duty features also impart an aggressive look to the tire, in addition to enhancing its performance. The selling point of this tire, however, is the great quality of its material. It is manufactured using thick rubber, for both tread and sidewall. This allows it to face all kinds of unfriendly driving conditions, without affecting its performance in any way. Quality materials also mean that the wear life of this tire is a lot more than other options available, making it a worthwhile investment. Surprisingly, however, no mileage warranty is offered by Goodyear for this tire.


  • Can perform in all terrains
  • Top quality materials
  • Durable
  • Bold appearance
  • Offers a great amount of traction
  • Quiet


  • No mileage warranty

5. Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT All-Season LT265/70R17 121/118S Tire

You can’t go wrong with an all-terrain Cooper tire…

This 17-inch Cooper tire is one of their finest products that have hit the market in recent years. It has a rather unconventional design with a sleek tread pattern that gives it a sporty look which can prove to be a major transformation for your Tacoma. The tire has the ability to deal with difficult weather and all sorts of terrains. It possesses a proprietary tread pattern, which provides excellent cut and chip capabilities to this tire. Not just that, the tread compound is shred resistant silica, which can fight off wearing for a significant period of time. All these features add up to make this tire particularly durable and reliable. It can effectively withstand insults from sharp stones and dirt, which are prominent and unavoidable features of off-road driving. However, on paved roads, this tire tends to make some amount of noise.

Interestingly, this Cooper tire equipped with all these remarkable features retails for a far lower price than many of the other options available. To add to that, it is also backed with a 60,000 miles treadwear warranty, making it an absolute winner.

However, all these qualities do not come without a side effect which, in this case, is that the tire is not always available and gets sold out quickly. So you might have to keep a keen eye if you want to get your hands on this great tire.


  • All terrain friendly
  • Long wear life
  • Comfortable ride
  • Can resist damage
  • Inexpensive


  • Might get noisy on paved roads
  • Not always available

How to buy the best all-terrain tires for your Tacoma?

If you are out in the market looking for the best all-terrain tires for your Tacoma, always keep these few things in mind:

1. Check tread life

A slightly diminished tread life is one the very few compromises you have to make opting for all-terrain tires. We have a complete article on the topic: To minimize the loss, always check the claimed tread life of all the available options and counter-check those with what the users are actually getting.

2. Check fuel efficiency

Another downside to almost all the all-terrain tires is decrease in gas mileage of 1-2 mpg. However there are some great options out there with a low rolling resistance which are capable of delivering a level of fuel efficiency nearly identical to the all-season competition. The aforementioned Kumho Road Venture AT51 is one such tire.

If you’re looking for some fuel-efficient options for your Tacoma, check out our complete article on that: Toyota Tacoma- Best Tires for Gas Mileage

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