Best Bikes For Children – Easy To Transport And Carry Around

If you are looking for the best way to spend family time with your children getting them a bike might be the absolute best way. Your kid will have an option to spend more time outside and not be as attached to the PC or mobile screen. And on top of all that riding a bike is a great cardio activity as well so your kid will have much valuable exercise while having fun in the process.

When talking about bikes for children, you have to know that there are specific bikes designed for the age of 4-5 fulfilling certain requirements. Saying this, you should measure the height of your child and look for the bike dimensions according to that. A general norm is that bikes that have a wheel size of 12 or 14 inches are the best, and most adequate to ride. And along with that, you would want to look for a bike that is easy to transport and carry around by you and your child.

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors you should look into when finding an adequate bike that is easy to transport as well!

What To Look For In A Kid’s Bike
  1. First and foremost you should be looking at the size of a bike and as we mentioned above the 12 to 14 inches seems just like the adequate one for the kids between 4 and 5 years of age. This doesn’t have to be tho, so you are still safer measuring your child and than making a choice according to that. Along with that, be sure that the bike is scaled down by each component, and not that only the size of the frame is smaller. And of course, you should be looking for a bike that has a comfortable seat and easy to manage brakes and gear levels.


  1. When it comes to the most important thing, and that is transporting the bike you will want to find a bike that isn’t as heavy and is easy to assembly. Saying this, you will be able to disassemble it at any given moment if needed, and that will allow you to make the whole transporting process by car much easier. So, a bike that is of weight below 20lbs (ideally between 10-15 lbs) and still includes the crucial features is the one you need. Also, as the Just Not Sports suggests you will want to look for a bike that is easy to assemble and takes no more than 15-20 minutes to do so. Having this in mind, if the bike requires the work of an expert it might not be the right for your child.

Best Children Bikes Easy To Transport

  1. WOOM 2. Out of all, the WOOM 2 that is priced just around $340 is the best one out there. Though the bike doesn’t have training wheels, it is still an excellent choice for a kid that knows his way on the bike and the dimensions (14-inch wheels) are just right. It has a great right-hand lever so your kid will be able to slow down or stop at any given moment, and the safety features are on point as well. One of the greatest things about this bike is that it is the lightest pedal one on the market weighing at just 11.7 lbs. Saying this, it is so easy to transport and carry around by car, and the assembly process is pretty simple as well. Overall, a great bike for a kid between 4 to 5 years of age.


  1. Raleigh Jazzi/MXR 12. If the one mentioned above is too harsh for your budget this one will work great as a substitute and still a bike that is easy to transport around. At a price of $119, the weight is 17.3 (which still isn’t a lot), and it has a pretty sturdy design, with inseams at 18 to 21 inches. It is comfortable and has colorful and fun graphics on it. On the other hand, a problem might be that it doesn’t have a handbrake. Still, although somewhat heavier this bike shouldn’t be a problem to fit in and transport by any given vehicle.


If you want your kid to have fun and experience the beauties of outdoor life, buy him/her a bike. And finding the right one isn’t hard either. Just follow the tips and look for certain key factors, and very soon you will find yourself enjoying the much valuable family time riding a bike along with your children!

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