Best Cars for Summer Road Trips in 2024

Summer is here, and the warm weather calls for trips. If you need a great vehicle to go on a road trip, we have a few suggestions for you. But first, let’s give you the things you need to look out for when picking a vehicle for a road trip.

Requirements for a summer road trip vehicle

– Stability

You need a car that will be stable on the roads you will travel through. In case you cannot predict how rough or smooth the roads will be all the way, pick an off-road vehicle to be on the safe side.

– Space

Space is essential when choosing the best car to rent for your road trip. You need a car that will fit all travelers plus any luggage and equipment. Ample leg space, cargo allowance, and overhead storage space is a plus.

– Performance

Road trips require a reliable vehicle that will withstand lots of driving over any kind of terrain, a sturdy vehicle that does not breakdown at the drop of a hat. Also, ensure it has enough engine power and clearance to get you wherever you need to go.

– Fuel efficiency

Some cars are fuel guzzlers and are not ideal for long road trips. Choose an economical vehicle that will help you save fuel no matter how far you travel. That way, you can use the money you save on great summer activities or memorabilia of your fun times.

– Safety

The more safety features your car has, the better for you and other travelers.  A safety feature that most people overlook is window tint to shade them from the sun. It also comes in handy when protecting the interior of your car from snoops and thieves. Visit this site to learn more about window tints.

Other safety features are brake sensors, car alarm, automatic emergency brakes, adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, and safe exit assist, among others.

If you look out for these critical requirements when picking the best car to rent for a road trip, you will make a great choice. Here are a few vehicles that are ideal for off-road travel.

Great vehicles for summer road trips in 2024

–  Subaru Crosstrek

The Subaru Crosstrek checks of all requirements for an off-road vehicle. It has an acoustic windshield, quick response, and vehicle dynamic control for stable driving. Fuel efficiency is also excellent at 33 miles per gallon on the highway, and 27 in the city. When cruising on the roads, the Subaru Crosstrek has an 8.7-inch ground clearance and 18-inch wheels to get you over any troublesome spots.

If you bring along friends and family, the Crosstrek has a passenger volume of up to 100 cubic feet with comfortable leather-trimmed upholstery to relax in. You can carry a lot of luggage and equipment in the cargo area and also on the roof rails.

– Subaru Outback

Another great Subaru option for a road trip is the Outback. It’s ideal for carrying all the vacation gear you need because you have up to 73 cubic feet of storage space plus some overhead storage on the carrier.  Inside, you will have climate control for a relaxing drive and stability control for safe driving.

The Subaru Outback is also fuel efficient, with an 18.5-gallon fuel tank and 32 mph consumption, it’s perfect for long trips. It has all-wheel drive to carry you over forest roads, to a campsite, or to the beach.  Get it for an out of town trip that doesn’t require too much rough driving.

–  Honda HR-V

Another ideal car to use for vacation trips is the Honda HR-V. It has a feature that allows drivers to set up the cabin in five different ways. It means you can fix the cabin to carry almost anything from a rally bike to a surfboard and put any extras on the roof rails.

The Honda HR-V a six-speaker sound system, with a 7-inch touch screen display for entertainment during your trip. You also get to use the Honda sensing suit to guide your driving. The Honda HR-V is also fuel efficient managing 28 miles per gallon in the city and 34 on the highway. Pick this car if you are taking a solo trip or bringing a buddy along for some rugged summer activities.

– Honda Element

Another great Honda for off-road travel is the Honda Element. It may not have an attractive outlook with its minivan design but it’s perfect for vacation trips. It has ample cargo space with an industrial bed liner that you can carry all types of cargo on without damaging. It’s 4- wheel drive version has excellent traction and will drive easily over mud, dirt and rocky roads.

You can configure the seats of the Honda Element into a makeshift bed if you need to camp outdoors and you can slide back the sunroof to enjoy warm rays in the day and star gaze at night. Perfect off road vehicle for a couples trip!

– Volvo XC90

An elegant and safe car for a road trip in summer is the Volvo XC90. It has a great sound system so you can cruise to your favorite soundtrack on the road. It’s a seven-seater and is ideal for road trips with a large family. It has a 360 degree surround view capabilities to give you a great view around you when maneuvering in tight spots.

The 8-inch display on the Volvo XC90 gives you all the information you need to drive safely. The turbocharged four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine will provide you with a smooth ride to your summer vacation spot. Practical, safe, and efficient – that’s the Volvo XC90 for you!

– Toyota Prius

An absolutely must have to help you save a lot of fuel on off-road trips is the Toyota Prius. First, it allows you to go green as it provides high fuel efficiency minimizing harmful emissions. It has intelligent driving technology for smooth driving, and a head-up display will give you all driver alerts you need.

When driving the Prius, you can expect to use 3.4 liters per 100 km of your travel. Cargo space in front wheel drive is a little over 27 cubic feet, but the all-wheel-drive will give you about 24 cubic feet of storage space.  It’s not the fastest car but will make up for it with its fuel efficiency.

– Westfalia Sven Hedin Camper

Sometimes a regular vehicle is not enough for a family road trip, you need to go big and get a camper. Campers are fabulous for long trips because they are basically a hotel on wheels. It’s your affordable option in place of a full-size RV that may be beyond your budget.

The Sven Hedin Westfalia is an ideal camper for long off-road trips. It is sometimes called a caravaning utility vehicle, which already tells you that camping will go great! You will have space to eat, a toilet and a half bathroom,  kitchen with a worktable, fridge and a gear storage area. Can you think of a better affordable camper you can get for a long trip? We doubt it!

These are some great vehicles for off-road trips and a few suggestions on how to make the right choice. A road trip should be memorable and not miserable. Make sure it’s fun by picking a comfortable and reliable car for you or your family to travel in.

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