5 Reasons why these Companies are Best Fit to Buy Japanese Cars

Are you having speculations in what are the best companies to purchase Japanese used cars? We all do before spending our money. Japanese cars are one of the finest manufactures around us. What else we can say other than they are reliable and quality-wise perfect. In addition, the delivery time of Japanese cars is higher than American and German car dealerships.

With that said, it doesn’t cost anything except the car itself. Likewise, engine maintenance and all sorts of mechanical damages are cared for by reliable exporters. The Japanese used vehicles are passed through inspection every year to ensure everything matches the customer’s expectations.

But before that, everything depends on the exporter. There are a lot of exporters in Japan, but the only thing that matters is trustworthiness. There can be paradoxes about exporters. Take a step to those who have been in this business for more than five years.

We have come up with five companies that are the best fit to buy Japanese cars. Let’s dive into our article without any further ado. These are the most trusted car exporters from Japan. They promise reliability and quality of the cars. Moreover, customer satisfaction is very important to them. For that, they do not tolerate anything.

STC Japan


The no.1 exporter of Japanese used cars is STC Japan. They have satisfied their customers for more than 20 years. Moreover, they are also the member of Japanese car auctions, which take place every year.

Their physical operation is in 5 different countries. Most of their customers are from Africa, Asia, and Europe. Currently, they are 50 staff members working for STC Japan.

With a lot of handy experience in this business, they sell every new and used car. If you have any queries about how they process, they have 24/7 customer service.

Besides cars, they also export heavy machinery, trucks, and car spare parts. In addition, Japanese vehicles are taken out from famous car auctions. The conditions of the car are checked by their technical team working under STC Japan, so it doesn’t create an obstinate before exporting Japanese used cars.

The cars are of low mileage and don’t require any mechanical work. If you are willing you buy Japanese used cars, this is the most reliable company, you can consider.


SBT Co. LTD is coming to our 2nd spot. They have stocks available with a ton of Japanese used cars, which is over 17,000+ cars and motorbikes. Moreover, their staff is now managing the business in 15 plus different countries. SBT Co. LTD was manufactured and located in Yokohama, Japan.

The SBT Co. LTD CEO claims that they export over 200,000+ cars each to 150 plus different countries. Moreover, the inventory of SBT vigorously supported by Japanese use cars auctions and local dealers. In addition, SBT technical team has a firm grip on the mechanical damages of the car. The only car with a 3-5 grade rating continued further through. It is mainly done with used cars.

What makes them unique? They are the leading Japanese car exporters, especially in Russia, Asia, and Europe.

Frauds can easily take place through credit cards, for this. This company only accepts payment from telegraphic transfer, which is directly transferred to their bank account.

Be Forward Japan:

Be Forward Japan was founded by Mr. Hironori Yamakawa in Tokyo, 2004. The company’s vision is to fulfill the increased demand for used Japanese cars in the global market. Be Forward was one of first Japan’s companies to offer online international export of used cars.

Be Forward has become a leading brand of used Japanese car exporters, serving over 2.5 million customers and operating in 200+ countries. Be Forward main selling products are various types of Japanese used cars and recently started to sell other parts to expand their products and services, including:

  • Auto-parts
  • Heavy machinery
  • Electronics and consumer goods

Be Forward Japan corporate provides their customers a range of services, including sales, transport and delivery, and reliable remittance procedures.

Be Forward Japan offers a huge variety of low-priced and discounted vehicles. They export pre-used or certified cars and other types of vehicles, ranging from luxurious 4-door sedan cars to other automobiles like motorbikes, buses, trucks, and even tractors used in Japan. Those vehicles are either:

  • Japanese-made vehicles (OR)
  • American and European imported cars.

Be Forward Japan always has vehicles available on the stock list with the best prices in the market.

Al-Ain Japan

Al-Ain Japan (Pvt) Ltd or AA Japan is considered one of the leading Japanese companies in the online exporting and selling pre-used Japanese and European cars.

With more than 20 years of experience, Al Ain Japan has sold 10,000 various types of used cars and exported them to 50 countries around the globe. The most important markets of countries including Africa, Europe, Asia, The Middle East, and North and South America.

AA Japan agents and customers from every corner of the world provide local support and assistance throughout sales and shipments. The exporters of Al Ain Japan make sure that the customers and buyers get the best and optimum value for their money with fast and reliable delivery services.

The whole staff of Al Ain Japan follows the same process in the selection and removal of pre-used cars. They pick out the best and quality pre-used cars and vehicles to export abroad and discard cars that are not in good condition.

Due to their time and effort, the AA Japan company has become one of the most trusted and widely known of Japan’s online pre-used car exporters. They provide Japanese and European used cars and export them within Japan and other countries of the world. Not only this, but Al Ain Japan has also achieved many international awards.

AA Japan’s vehicle provides a massive stock of more than 3,000 Japanese used cars with a wide variety of price ranges that help you choose and get a unique vehicle for yourself.

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