The Best Upcoming Rim Brands in 2024

Car enthusiasts understand that a set of wheels and rims can drastically change both the aesthetics and performance of a vehicle.

These rotating marvels significantly impact visual appeal, often creating the first impression and setting the tone for the perceived value and luxury of the car. With the promise of personalization through a spectrum of styles, finishes, and colors, rims underscore a commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Seasoned brands like Vossen, BBS, and ATS, among others, consistently understand this blend of form and function, sculpting rims that truly make a statement and delineate the finer points of automotive taste in 2024.

As the new year approaches, the rim industry is poised to present some captivating options for those looking to elevate their ride.

Here are some of the best rim brands set to make a mark in 2024. We believe this list will give you a nice overview of some of the upcoming brands.

Vossen Wheels


Vossen Wheels has been at the forefront of wheel manufacturing with their state-of-the-art designs and engineering. Known for their premium construction and innovative styles, Vossen continues to cater to high-end vehicles, offering bespoke configurations that complement a car’s performance and aesthetic appeal. With their commitment to precision-crafted products, they are a cornerstone in the aftermarket wheels sector and a brand to watch in 2024. You can check the latests models here:


Historically, BBS has stood as a symbol of quality and performance in the wheel arena. This upcoming year is no different, with the brand continuing its legacy with a strong lineup. BBS’s lightweight alloys are designed to offer enhanced handling and a distinct style that has been widely embraced within the racing community and beyond. With an ongoing push towards cutting-edge technologies, BBS wheels are undoubtedly a choice for the discerning car aficionado.



ATS is a German brand that combines craftsmanship and technology to create alloy wheels that are not only eye-catching but also provide remarkable strength and durability. A staple on the racing circuits and a favorite among car tuning fans, ATS promises innovations that will keep them as a go-to brand in 2024. They are recognized for their precise manufacturing and a hand-finished touch that sets them apart.

American Racing

With a robust heritage in motorsports, American Racing has paved its way towards becoming a cultural icon in the industry. Specializing in vintage-inspired designs with modern craftsmanship, this brand is ideal for enthusiasts who value tradition blended with contemporary performance. Their wheels are known for durability and are a stunning addition to muscle cars and contemporary vehicles alike.

ADV.1 (ADV1) Wheels


As a relative newcomer to the scene, ADV.1 has made a massive impact with its premium forged wheels. Known for their bold designs and custom-tailored fitments, ADV.1 wheels cater to a segment seeking exclusivity and performance. In 2024, look out for their new releases, which are guaranteed to bring innovation and a fresh stylistic approach to high-performance wheel design.


Rotiform blends European styling with an American sense of individualism. Their wheels are a favorite among those who want to stand out in a crowd. Known for their striking and unorthodox designs, Rotiform is pushing the envelope with materials and construction methods. Their 2024 lineup promises to continue this spirit, ensuring Rotiform’s position as a trendsetter in the market.

Asanti Wheels

Asanti, with its luxurious and precisely crafted wheels, has always catered to a clientele that demands the utmost in luxury and bespoke options. They are revered for the artistic touch they bring to their designs, often incorporating customizable features and high-end finishes. In the coming year, Asanti is set to introduce new tasteful and elaborate designs that will complement the most exclusive vehicles on the market.

Enkei Wheels


Enkei has a rich history in racing, and their wheels are a testament to their dedication to performance. With an emphasis on strength and lightweight construction, Enkei produces wheels that enhance driving dynamics. For 2024, Enkei’s commitment to innovation is evident in their upcoming offerings that promise both aesthetic refinement and performance gains.

Niche Wheels

Niche has steadily grown its reputation for delivering modern and eye-catching designs that cater to a range of consumers from luxury sedan owners to those who prefer the aggressive stance of sports cars. With an emphasis on customization, Niche offers a variety of finishes, including matte and gloss, that perfectly accentuate the unique contours of each wheel design. As we head into 2024, Niche is poised to introduce a lineup that continues to innovate and push the aesthetics of aftermarket rims.

OZ Racing


OZ Racing’s Italian design heritage and extensive involvement in motorsport give it a competitive edge in the manufacturing of performance-oriented wheels. Boasting a fusion of lightweight construction and durability, OZ Racing offers wheels that significantly enhance the driving experience. In 2024, this esteemed brand is expected to maintain its standing with new designs that uphold their reputation in both racing circles and among everyday driving enthusiasts seeking that sporty edge.

SSR Wheels

Originating from Japan, SSR has long been admired for its innovative approach to wheel design, with a strong focus on forged wheels that offer both performance benefits and aesthetic refinement. Known for their lightweight and strength, SSR wheels have a distinctive look that is respectful of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) culture while still being universally appealing. Going into 2024, SSR is expected to continue this tradition with designs that appeal to import car enthusiasts and those looking for performance gains through advanced wheel technology.

Rims are the key to aesthetics

With the automotive world continuously evolving, high-caliber wheel brands like these are expected to deliver products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of modern drivers. These brands have solidified their reputation through consistent quality, groundbreaking designs, and a deep understanding of what car enthusiasts seek in a set of rims. Whether it’s for aesthetics, performance, or a combination of both, the rim brands mentioned are projecting a promising year ahead in the wheel industry for 2024.

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