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Black Rims (wheels) on a White Car – Do they look good? (Pictures attached)

White is a neutral and soothing color which matches the taste of the majority. On cars, it not only looks exquisite but also regal. Furthermore, scratches and slight bumps are less likely to be noticed on white color than on most others.

A white car tends to blend into the surrounding in a much better way, since it is not sharp. For all these reasons and the fact that repaints are much less noticeable on them, white cars are known to have a higher resale value, which itself is a plus.

Do Black Rims Look Good On A White Car??

Black rims on white cars means a sharp contrast, which can be a game-changer for most vehicles. If you are bored of your dull and mundane white vehicle, a nice set of graceful black rims can spice up the entire look.

This is especially true for luxury cars and SUVs, since black rims exponentially increase the sportiness as well as magnificence of the vehicle. Both matte and shiny black finishes will look equally amazing on a white car, making it look aggressive and noticeable yet elegant.

Here is some proof to that:

Black rims on a White car- @atsv_m340
Black rims on a White car- @kristjian_mk7.5gti

Why Choose Black Rims?

In the world of rims, black color holds a separate fan base. Majority of the rims that you would see on a daily basis are black, and for legitimate reasons. It not only goes well with every type and color of vehicle, but also adds immensely to its charm.

A quality set of black wheels can make your car stand out since nothing speaks luxury like black! In addition, a huge variety of rims are available in this color which increases your options. Take a look at this jaw-dropping example:

Black rims on a White car- @atsv_m340

Nonetheless, great care has to be taken in the case of black wheels, since scratches and scrapes tend to be more prominent on these. At the same time, however, dirt is less likely to be noticeable, so overall it is not a bad deal.

Black wheel recommendation: Touren TR60 Matte Black

Touren TR60 (3260) is available in three different finishes but the matte black variant has consistently made its way into my recommendation lists simply because of its menacing and intimidating looks and also because I like black wheels!

This rim, although suited to a variety of vehicles, works best with modern sedans, coupes or crossovers, in my opinion. With a plethora of sizes and configurations to choose from, you’ll be all set to choose for any vehicle.

Touren wheels are fairly reliable and the finish quality is always unquestionable and the TR60 series is no exception. In fact, we did an in-depth review of this brand where we delve into further detail on the subject.

Can I paint my rims black?

If you are drawn towards black rims and want to get them, you don’t really need to rush to a garage or spend your precious bucks buying new ones. You can easily paint your rims black, which is a much more fun and economical way.

The steps involved are cleaning, sanding and then applying a primer. The key to a finely painted rim is to pay special attention to these preparation steps. A layer of the desired paint is then applied and a layer of clear coat is added to impart the shine and protection.

Although painting rims at home is easy and cheap, it requires great precision and care for best results. Otherwise, your rims can turn out to be awful. For these actions, there are top car service centers that use new technologies to provide high-quality services. Moreover, it is imperative to invest in a good quality, high strength paint. Thus, seeking the help of a professional is highly recommended.

What other color rims look great on a white car?

Here are two other carefully thought-out colors for your white car:

1. Graphite/ Matte Grey

Graphite wheels won over the wheel industry as soon as they were introduced. They add a unique touch to whatever vehicle they are used on, without compromising the grace.

Graphite rims on white cars can look absolutely stunning and provide a luxurious and regal look. They provide the car with a modern and sleek touch, and can make it grab attention from far away.

If you want your white car to pull off a royal appearance, matte graphite rims are your go-to. Nonetheless, this aesthetic appeal comes at a cost, since you have to pay special attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of a graphite rim.

Graphite/ Matte Grey wheel recommendation: Konig Hypergram

Hypergram by Konig wheels is a motorsports-inspired wheel with the performance and styling to match. It has a magnificent 12-spoke design that reeks elegance and lavishness.

The lip is especially pronounced and the look is completed to perfection by a sleek snap-in center cap that features the Konig brand logo.

It is extremely light-weight, thanks to the flow form technology used in its production. The cast wheel is sup under great heat and pressure that adds considerable strength, while shaving off weight at the same time. The process is, definitely, more expensive for the brand but Hypergram is still very competitively priced, nonetheless.

2. Chrome

For a white car, chrome is undoubtedly the safest and most timeless rim color. It provides the vehicle with all the glory and appeal that it needs, without looking even slightly overdone. Here are some visual cues to help you decide:

Chrome wheels on a White car- @thev6whiteking
Chrome wheels on a White car- @nextlevelglen

Chrome wheels on a white car make a simple yet attractive combination, with the added advantage of overall easy maintenance since dents and scratches are less noticeable.

Chrome wheel recommendation: Vision Wheels Vision Cross

Deviating from the majority of classic mesh-style wheels, the spokes of the Vision Cross are unique in that they continue upto the lip which creates an impression of an even larger wheel. The rest of the design is tasteful and classical with a touch of refinement.

I prefer this wheel over the other chrome ones because most of the chrome wheels available today are just too much for the eyes. Chrome is already flashy enough finish and there should be no reason for the ghastly designs majority goes for.

Durability is upto the mark and the surprising aspect is that it is available through a size range of 14 to 20 inches! You can be sure that your vehicle

If we share a taste in color, check out my other color recommendation:

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